A Bride for a Billionaire (Page 29)

A Bride for a Billionaire(29)
Author: Lauren Hawkeye

When her core settles against my rigid cock and I realize that she’s not wearing underwear, I make up my mind.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” My hands fist in her dress, but I manage the strength to pull away, to look into those eyes.

“More than anything.” There’s no hesitation on her face as she brushes a soft, sweet kiss over my lips. “Please, Matteo. I know it’s not for real but… I want to truly be your wife.”

Growling low in my throat, I tug at the thin fabric of her dress. It rips down the middle, and I shove it away, over her shoulder, down her arms. She’s entirely naked underneath, leaving us skin to skin for the very first time.

It’s different than any other time I’ve been with a woman, and I don’t entirely understand why. I just know that I don’t like it when she reminds me that our marriage is a sham. It redoubles my need to mark her, to make her mine.

My hands roam over her, discovering her body, but she seems to have other ideas. Sliding from my lap, she drops to her knees between my parted thighs, looking up at me with wide eyes.

The sight of her, glowing from the sun and arousal, on her knees just for me, is my undoing. I cradle her jaw in my palm, rub a thumb over her lips.

“You don’t have to do this.” This is her first time. I want it to be all about her.

She shakes her head, resisting my effort to pull her back up. “I want to.” Her hand trembles as she reaches for me, wraps her hand around my shaft, and I can feel my eyes roll back in my head at the tentative but long desired touch.

“Tell me if… if I’m not doing it right.” She inhales deeply, then places her lips around me.

Oh sweet baby Jesus.

I freeze in place, afraid to ruin this moment. To do something that will take away from it for her. Her movements are slow, slightly awkward, but I would never dream of asking for it any other way.

The sensation, the emotion… it’s too much, too intense. When the base of my spine starts to tingle, I cup my hands beneath her elbows, pull her off of me, urge her up.

She sighs dreamily as I take her mouth in a gentle but hungry kiss, my tongue parting her lips, urgency increasing as she meets my demands.

I’m tempted to just lie back and urge her on top of me, but my guess is that she’s going to want some guidance. So with more patience than I ever imagined myself capable of, I gather her in my arms, then stand and place her gently down on the sheets.

“You are exquisite, Riley.” The late evening sun filtering in through the small window highlights her body, and I can’t resist tracing a finger over the tan lines that outline her breasts.

I won’t insult her by asking again if she’s sure, but there’s one thing I do have to double check.

“The doctor… he said you are protected now?” I have condoms, packed as backup in case Riley’s shot had been administered at the wrong time of her cycle, but I hate the thought of anything between us.

She nods, ducking her head, hiding behind a fall of hair. Climbing onto the bed, straddling her hips, I brush the soft locks out of the way again.

“I want to see you.” Keeping my stare fixed on hers, I dip my head, take one of her breasts into my mouth. She gasps and arches against me, and I close my eyes, doing my best to not hurry things along.

“You can see me next time. We can go slow next time.” Wrapping her legs around my waist, Riley hooks her ankles behind my back, bringing my hardness flush with her wet heat. I can feel my eyes crossing.

“I want this to be good for you.” Working my hand between our bodies, I slide my thumb over her center, find her wet and ready.

“You’ve made me wait long enough.” She grins up at me breathlessly, rocking her pelvis against mine. “Now. I want you now.”

Her smile is my undoing. The air thickens, the moment intensifying as I shift position, hands sliding over her thighs, urging her to let them fall to the bed. I bend to press a kiss along the crease where one leg meets her stomach before aligning our bodies.

“I hear that this might hurt.” I warn her, but truthfully, I don’t know. If I’ve taken someone’s virginity before, they haven’t informed me.

“I want it.” Face set stubbornly, Riley arches her hips; the way I’m pressed against her finds me sliding in, just a bit.

“Oh. Oh, God.” She claws at my biceps, squirming on the bed beneath me. I tense my muscles, using everything I have not to just take her.

I hold as still as I can, allowing her time to adjust to what must be a strange sensation. Christ, she’s tighter than I could ever have dreamt, lush and wet and welcoming.

My arms begin to shake, and a bead of sweat rolls down m temple.

“More.” Riley’s hands slide from my biceps to my hips, urging me onward. I move forward another inch, thinking to stop again, but she smacks my ass with her palm in her eagerness.

I laugh out loud, and she joins in.

“Sorry. Just… please. More. I want it all.”

“Just so you know, any future spanking will be administered by me, on your gorgeous ass.” I’ve distracted her with that; her eyes glaze over and she bites her lower lip. Her muscles relax, just the tiniest bit, and I use the moment to work forward. I have to push, to twist, to make my way past her resistance, and she cries out loud as I slide home, her nails digging into the muscles of my ass.

She feels so fucking good around me, a velvet glove, but I keep my movements slow as I pull back.

“Are you okay?” Looking down, I can see the smear of blood. I hate knowing that I’ve caused her pain, and yet part me—the asshole part—wants to beat my chest and do a primal war chant.

They say you never forget your first. So I’ve marked her memory at least… when Riley walks away at the end of this month, I’ll be imprinted in her mind, her body forever.

“Yes. Keep going.” There’s an edge of pain in her voice; I don’t know if that’s normal. Cautiously I move back in, then out again, keeping my movements slow and deliberate, my muscles tensed as I try to hold back.

Beneath me, Riley is making these insanely sexy little cries, squirming as though she’s both trying to get away, and trying to move closer. But when she gasps and begins to rock against me again, I understand that the pain has passed, and that it’s started to feel as good for her as it is for me.

“Hold on to me.” Bracing an elbow on either side of her head, I cover her, sealing our bodies together with heat. My thrusts become shorter, harder, and she meets every one with a hunger that, incredibly, matches my own.