I Wanna Text You Up (Page 19)

Unlike me, he doesn’t hesitate. He dives right into the warmth, snuggling close to me.

“Oh my god,” he moans, eyes closed, body wrapped tight in his blanket. “This is pure heaven.”

“The bed or sleeping next to me?”

He smirks. “Maybe a little of both.”


“Maybe a lot.”

I laugh and reach over to turn off my bedside lamp before scooting down and making myself comfortable.

“Thank you, Zoe.”

“For the bed?”

“For the bed, for the kisses, for the brownies I’ll be eating for breakfast.”

I lean over and place a kiss on his forehead. “Good night, Caleb.”

“Good night.”


I hate myself.

I’ve been lying in bed for the past ten minutes trying to work up the courage to not text Caleb, because for some ungodly reason, I miss him.


And I’ve only been awake for thirty minutes.

I groan and throw my phone back to the end of the bed, refusing to give in.

I want to feel bad for liking him, for wanting to spend time with him, but it’s so hard when he makes me feel the way he does. When he kisses me, my whole world is full of color. He makes me feel the way a blank canvas does: excited and nervous and ready for something new.

Me: You ghosted again this morning. Is this going to be our thing now?

Caleb: It’s Sunday, remember? I have plans on Sundays.

Me: Ah, yes. Your mysterious standing Sunday plans.

Caleb: It’s not THAT mysterious. I go “home” on Sundays, make sure shit’s straight.

Me: And home is in quotes because…

Caleb: Because it doesn’t feel like home.

Caleb: Unlike your bed. ?

Me: You’re trying to distract me with sexy talk.

Me: I’ll allow it. Please continue.


Caleb: *winces* You saw, huh?

Me: Oh, I fucking saw. ALL BUT TWO?

Caleb: They were REALLY good, so it’s all your fault for being such an amazing, beautiful, generous, kind, sexy cook.

Me: What are you buttering me up for?

Me: Did you do something else?

Caleb: No. *bats lashes* I would never.

Me: I swear, if I walk to the fridge and I’m out of chocolate milk, a thunderous doom will rain down upon you.

Caleb: I’m so scared.

Me: As you should be! I’m scary as fuck without my chocolate milk.

Caleb: Glad I’m not there then.


Me: UGH. Worst. Roommate. Ever.

Me: Wait, how’d you get “home”? Did you bus it?

Caleb: I did. It’s only about two hours by bus. No biggie.

Me: I could have given you a ride.

Caleb: I’m used to it. I rode the bus even when I was able to ride my bike.

Me: But…why?

Caleb: It’s just easier, safer. The ride out here can get a bit hairy.

Me: Fair enough.

Me: When will you be home? I’m already bored and you’re missing Breakfast & Beats. I have some Tupac cranking right this moment.

Caleb: Now that I’m actually upset about.

Caleb: I should be home tonight, probably not until after midnight though. I take the last bus out whenever possible.

Me: Okay. Fine. I’ll just be here.

Me: By myself.

Me: You know. Alone. By myself.

Caleb: I see someone’s a bit of a drama bomb…

Caleb: Besides, Mittens is there. Snuggle with him.

Caleb: Also, it is ridiculous how you’ve pretty much stolen him from me. Don’t think I didn’t notice him sleeping at the end of your side last night. Total bullshit.

Me: What? I can’t help it that I’m cuter than you and he loves me more.

Caleb: He loves you more? Maybe. Cuter? Don’t push it.


Me: I’m WAY cute.

Caleb: You’re sexy. That’s a whole different level of cute.

Caleb: So…I have news.

Me: You’ve won the lottery and you’re giving me one million dollars?

Caleb: Close.

Caleb: I have to extend my stay.

Me: That’s not even kind of close.

Me: What’s going on?

Caleb: Just some things I need to deal with. I should be home Tuesday night after study group.

Me: Tuesday?! Ughhhhhhh.

Caleb: I know, I know. Trust me, if I didn’t HAVE to be here, I wouldn’t. I hate this place.

Me: That bad?

Caleb: That FUCKING bad.

Me: Oh wow, you threw a cuss word in there. Okay, I believe you now.

Me: Don’t worry, I’ll take care of Mittens. He’s going to fall even more in love with me though. Fair warning.

Caleb: Sigh. I figured as much. I might as well just sign over his adoption papers now.

Me: Nah. We can share him. I’m nice like that.

Me: I did a thing…


Caleb: You…you…


Me: What? He LOVES it!

Caleb: I can see his disappointment from here.

Me: Nah, he’s just mad right now because I won’t let him push my pop off the table.

Caleb: Oh god. He loves doing that—and sitting on your laptop. Don’t let him do that either.

Me: I’ve noticed he’s keen on that.

Caleb: This one time, I had my laptop balancing on the end of my bed. Shorts were down to my knees, dick in my hand, porn playing, and he comes and sits RIGHT ON TOP OF MY KEYBOARD. The sound kicks on and all you can hear is LOUD AS FUCK moaning. My roommates gave me shit for days.

Me: First, I was not expecting a story about you jerking off to porn. Second, I think I love Mittens even more now. YOU DO NOT WATCH PORN AND SPANK YOUR MEAT WITH PEOPLE IN THE HOUSE. The fuck is wrong with you?

Caleb: When you get the urge, you get the urge. Don’t judge me.

Me: I’m not judging you…much.

Me: You’re right. When there’s an itch, you gotta scratch it.


Caleb: That tone…that was judgmental.

Me: You could hear my tone through text? Do you have a superpower I don’t know about? Is that why you’re so obsessed with comics? Because you have your own?

Me: Also…I’m not judging, I’m just not NOT judging you either. ?

Caleb: Yes, that’s exactly why I read comics. You nailed me.

Me: Well, I haven’t, but I could.

Caleb: Now THAT is how you flirt. I’ve taught you so well.

Me: Hush.

Me: Okay, for real though—why ARE you such a comic nerd? Is it the skintight, borderline sexy outfits?

Caleb: Totally. Have you seen the muscles on Superman? *fans self*

Caleb: But really, it was all I had as a kid. There was a comic shop a short bus ride away and I could pick up eight comics for like two bucks. Kept me entertained for weeks at a time.

Me: It’s crazy to me how different your life there seems from your life here.

Caleb: Fresh start.

Caleb: College is the best thing to ever happen to me.

Me: Besides me, right?

Caleb: Sure, we’ll go with that.

Me: CALEB! Tell me I am the best roommate you’ve ever had! You know it’s true! Hell, I’m taking care of your damn cat for you.

Caleb: Because that is SUCH a hardship. *rolls eyes*

Me: That’s not the point here.

Caleb: That is exactly the point here.

Caleb: Stop pretending to be upset. You know I adore you. Most days…

Me: Most days? MOST DAYS?!?

Caleb: I’m not changing my answer just because you caps lock me.



Me: What is that?

Me: Is that you on a bus?! Are you on your way home a day early???

Caleb: Yep and yep.

Me: YAY!

Me: I mean, cool, whatever. Who gives a shit?

Caleb: You act like you’ve missed me or something.

Me: I AM DYING. I’m SO bored. Delia said this would happen too. That’s why she was so adamant I get a new roomie. I followed her advice and look what’s happened? I’m still bored because you’re always gone.

Caleb: I’m the worst.

Me: I know.

Caleb: You’re not even going to refute that? Not even to make me feel a bit better?

Me: No. Why should I? YOU SUCK.

Me: Kidding. Maybe.

Me: What do you want for dinner? My treat.

Caleb: Your treat as in you’ll cook? Or your treat as in you’ll buy?

Me: I feel like you want me to say buy because I’m a horrible cook.

Caleb: It would be the safest option, right?

Caleb: Actually, you know what? Let’s cook together tonight. I’ll teach you a few things.

Me: Okay, first…SO RUDE! Second, are you sure? That’s a HUGE commitment.

Caleb: You cannot be THAT bad. We’ll do something easy. Do you like Alfredo?

Me: Do I like Alfredo? Um, YES!

Caleb: We’ll do that then. SUPER easy to make. You can’t mess it up.

Me: We’ll see…

Caleb: About thirty minutes out. You ready to cook?





Me: Oh crap, it does look like I’m naked, huh? I just thought my boobs looked great in the shot and sent it.

Me: Don’t forward that to your friends. ?

Caleb: Haha. Very funny. NOT.

Me: I thought it was hilarious.

Caleb: You’re a real damn comedian.

Me: Oh hush, you grumpbutt. What do you want for dessert?