Let's Get Textual (Page 25)

“Zach, stop.”

“No way. When you did that sexy striptease the other night, I was sitting on your bed thinking of all the ways I’d like to bend you—ow! What the hell was that for!”

He sits up, shooting daggers my way before finally realizing we have a guest.

I sit there, trying with everything I have not to slide down in my seat until I’m hiding under the table. I didn’t think that was the direction he was going in at all.

Only Zach.

“Oh hell, Delia. Why didn’t you say something?”

“Because I didn’t know you were going to get all pervy on me!”

Zach groans and turns to the waiter. “You, sir, are getting a massive tip.” Then he turns to me and winks. “I’ll give you way more than just the tip.”

The waiter, so stunned, loses balance with the tray. Two of our meals go toppling over, and our refills pour down the front of his shirt.

He stands there, shocked but composed.

We sit there, shocked and mortified.

“So…let’s go ahead and double that tip,” Zach says.

The waiter simply nods, grabbing his tray and retreating inside.

“Zachary Hastings!”

“What? I couldn’t help it! Besides, you deserved that after letting me go on and on about your fantastic ass.”

“Are you done?”

“Yes.” He leans across the table, and I match his movements. “But just so you know, you’re getting a way bigger tip than he is.”

“That was possibly the best ranch dressing I have ever had.”

“I told you this place was awesome.”

“Thank you for bringing me here. I never knew it existed.”

“Being the ranch freak I am, I’ve been on the lookout for a restaurant like this for years. I’m surprised one popped up in my own back yard—maybe they pinged all my Google searches or something.”

“You’re so strange, Zach.”

“I’ll own up to that. So…you want to get out of here?”

“Where are we going?”

Nervous, he flits his eyes away. “I was thinking of showing you my place tonight.”

The suggestion alone has my body lit up. The words caress my skin, knowing exactly what it is he’s implying.

“I think I’d like that.”

He stands and reaches out for my hand. I let him pull me from the table and whisk me back through the restaurant.

It’s hot inside the car, and it’s purely because we can feel the electricity thrumming through the air. He’s breathing hard, I’m breathing harder.

That spark I was missing before? Yeah, it’s right here in this car, zinging back and forth between me and Zach.

He’s squeezing the shift knob, knuckles turning white with anticipation.

I reach over and cover his hand, lifting his until it rests on my naked thigh. He inhales sharply and I hold my breath, waiting.

The weight of his hand is doing things to me, things I didn’t expect. I didn’t intend to start anything sexual while he’s driving, but if I said I didn’t want to scoot down in my seat until his hand rested firmly between my legs, I’d be a damn liar, and that’s not who I am.

“Delia…” It’s a warning, and I know it is.

“I’m not doing anything, Zach. I just wanted to feel your touch.”

“And I just want to pull this car over right this second.”

“I mean, I wouldn’t—”

The tires screech as he whips us into the parking lot that just so happens to be right next to us. He expertly parks us between two big SUVs before pushing his seat back and unbuckling us both.

Before I know it, I’m straddling him and his tongue is in my mouth, his hands pulling my hair out of the ponytail I had it in.

We’re grinding and pulling at each other, trying to get as close as possible.

My skirt is now around my waist and his hands are gripping my ass cheeks, dragging me closer. The sounds of our harsh breaths fill the car.

“Zach…” I moan, his dick sliding against my underwear, hitting me in all the right places. “This is…oh my god.”

“I know, I know.”

Our once frenzied movements turn languid as we come down from the rush of…well, everything.

“Delia,” Zach says, kissing his way from right under my ear to my lips before ripping his mouth away and placing his forehead against mine. “I think we need to stop. I want you—bad—but I don’t think our first time should be in a car.”

Once again, my breaths are coming in so sharp, all I can do is nod.

Zach pulls his head away from mine and our eyes connect for the first time since I landed in his lap. His normally bright green gaze is dark, needy. I’m certain my own stare matches his at this moment.

He glances around the parking lot and snickers.

“Oh shit. Do you realize we just dry humped in the parking lot of a restaurant that’s currently hosting kid’s night?”

I blink, confused, and peek around. “Oh…oops.”

“Oops is right,” he says, pulling his hands off my ass and out from under my skirt. “We should be on our way before some poor parents peek inside the car.”

“I’m not looking for any public indecency charges, so that’s a great idea.” I slide back over into my seat, pushing my skirt down and covering as much of my legs as I can. “No more touching for the rest of the ride.”

“FYI, I’m going to speed. Buckle up.”

I smirk, pull the seat belt back around me, and revel in the anticipation coursing through me.


The tension between us is palpable by the time Zach pulls into his driveway and puts the car in park.

He switches off the ignition and turns toward me.

“Are you sure about this, Delia?”

“Zach, I just about screwed your brains out in a parking lot. I’m sure about this.”

“And you don’t think it’s too soon? You won’t regret this tomorrow?”

I lean in as close as my seat belt will allow and give him a seductive smile. “Give me a reason or three not to.”

His nostrils flare, and before I know it, he’s out of the car and ripping open my door, helping me from the seat and rushing me toward his house.

“Is Robbie home?” I ask on our way up the path.

“Better fucking not be,” Zach mutters.

He unlocks the door and flicks on the light, illuminating a large living room with sleek hardwood floors and gray furniture.

The walls are a bright white, and I’m sure when the sun is up, the bay window in the back wall makes it even more beautiful.

“Wow. This is gorgeous.”

“It’s a mess right now. Robbie didn’t bother cleaning up after himself today.”

“It’s not that messy. I’ve seen worse.” There are shirts and socks strung around the room, a few empty soda cans littering the table, but nothing too horrible.

He eyes me and quirks a brow.

I smile in return, knowing the question he’s asking.

Then we’re zooming up the stairs, sliding around corners and laughing like fools, because we’re in on the dirty joke.


Zach throws open his bedroom door, slamming it closed and turning the lock once I’m inside.

I want to explore his room, pay attention to his taste, attempt to learn something about him.

But more importantly, I want to kneel in front of him and help him unbutton his pants.

“Delia,” he whispers when I drop to my knees. “You don’t need to do that.”

“Shut up and let me take your pants off.”

He nods slowly, so I take that as my cue to continue.

As he works to slide his shoes off, I free the button on his jeans and pull the zipper down, maintaining eye contact with him the entire time.

He kicks free of his pants and my hands settle on his hips at the band of his boxer briefs.

“I see you wore plain ones tonight.”

He smirks. “Calculated decision on my end. I didn’t want to ruin the moment again.”

“You didn’t ruin it last time. I like your nerdiness, remember?”

Zach hisses and bites his lip. “You’re awfully close to my dick right now and all my thoughts are in the wrong head, so sure, whatever you just said sounds great.”

I pull his boxers down slowly, taking my time teasing him.

His dick pops free and the first thing I do is lick it from tip to base. He groans and his hands fly to my head, holding me there, my tongue lapping at his throbbing cock. His legs are turning to jelly as I slowly lick the length of him, tip to base, base to tip.

I pull the head of his dick into my mouth and suck.

He jerks away. “You know what? No. Up.” He pulls at me until I’m standing. “You on your knees licking my cock is enough to kill me, and I don’t want to embarrass myself, so go. Take your clothes off and get on the bed. That’s where I want you…first.”

My body tingles at his words and my hands flit across my body, pulling my shirt over my head and throwing it wherever. My fingers unhook my bra and I don’t miss the noise that leaves Zach as he has his first glimpse at my breasts.

“Faster, Delia.”

Gone is my skirt.

I’m standing there in only my underwear, panting like a madwoman. There’s a fire in Zach’s gaze, and it’s so hot that I can feel the flames licking at my skin.