The Risk (Page 14)

I look down, glaring at him.

The bastard winks up at me and hands me a card that I take, trying to get away from him.

“Call me sometime, sweetheart. A girl who looks like you needs someone to appreciate all those sights.”

I give him a dazzling smile, wink at him, and start walking again, gently brushing his hand away. Oh, I’ll give him something to look at. I’ll paint the walls with his and Tyler’s blood, and I’ll let them bleed out as they watch.

It’ll be so pretty.

Just as we reach the sidewalk, I stumble over my own feet, watching in disbelief as a SUV rolls up to the curb. Hissing out a breath, I step closer to Jake, practically crawling against his side as Logan hops out.

New York City is way too freaking big for this to be happening.

There’s food truck on the curb, and he and the Mr. Arrogant guy get out to go over there, both smiling like it’s a great day. They’re in street clothes—jeans and t-shirts. Not their typical suits or anything else. Did I miss something?

“What?” Jake whispers, looking at them then me.

“Boyfriend,” I whisper back.

He wheezes out a breath before cursing, and he tugs me along to my car (which is not registered in my name or anything) that is parked way too close to them. It’s one of my many ‘burner’ cars.

The universe is trying to send me mixed signals. First it saves Dev’s fingers and tongue. Then it condemns two men to a more brutal death after I discover more than I thought possible from one late lunch. Now it’s tossing me directly in front of the man of my dreams?

“You’re going to end up running the FBI. That was absolutely amazing,” Mr. Arrogant says, genuine awe in his tone as he speaks to Logan.

“That’s not what I’m after. I’m just glad we provoked a damn confession. Makes getting home happen that much quicker.”

Mr. Arrogant groans while Jake continues to try and draw me toward the car. My ear piece is still in, making their conversation very easy to follow despite the noises on the street. Well, as long as I keep it directed solely at them, which has me walking with my head cocked.

“Back home to the Ice Queen?” the guy says, a touch of snark in his tone.

I bet that’s Carter. Or was it Chris? Craig? I can’t remember.

Logan’s smile is so damn beautiful. “Yeah. Don’t be jealous.”

C-Name guy rolls his eyes, and I watch like a swooning girl on the sidewalk as I drag my feet in my stilettos. My heart was ripped out moments ago, but just seeing Logan is soothing the burn.

“When are you going back?” C-Name guy asks.

“As soon as we know for sure the evidence has followed proper chains of command and is being sealed tight. I don’t want this one to ever get away.”

“Fucking da Vinci. The shit in your head is scary.”

I have no idea what that means.

“You haven’t seen half the shit in my head, Craig. I need to call my girl, so order me a burger.”


I push my phone to silent, hating that I have to let it go to voicemail as Jake opens the door to my car. I get in, remove the earpiece, and let my heart sink when Logan calls. Sighing, I toss my phone aside as I stare up at Jake, who is glaring down at me.

“We’ll talk about this later. My place as soon as you can make it.”

Nodding, I let him shut my door, and I crank my car. I have two kills to plan, a boyfriend to see, and a best friend to un-piss off. And not in that order.

I’m just the typical American woman.

Or is it the typical American Psycho?

Chapter 11

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.

—Albert Einstein


“So your girl is like totally loaded,” Hadley says, plopping down beside me.

“You’re looking into her financials?” I ask incredulously. “That’s an invasion of privacy!”

“Meh, I just peeked. She’s not a suspect or anything, so I’m not breaking any big rules.”

“Just the law,” I state dryly.

She grins. “I was recruited for my mad skills with computers and shutting down websites that shouldn’t be open. I was placed up here for my forensics expertise. Never once was I wanted for my pristine moral compass. And it was just a little peek. Honestly. But seriously, she’s like majorly rich. What’s her house like?”

Groaning, I shake my head. Hadley definitely isn’t FBI because she’s a saint with a badge. She’s FBI because it was prison or work with us.

“Don’t tell anyone else you did this,” I mumble, finishing up the last of the case file that is now ready for the DA.

“Duh,” she says, smirking. “So what’s her house like? I really want to know.”

“Nothing flashy. It’s a two story white home that looks nice enough. She hasn’t lived there long, so there’s no art or anything on the walls. Floors are hardwood throughout, but no marble statues or gold banisters, if that’s what you’re asking. And her driveway looks like something out of Sleepy Hollow that doesn’t at all match the sweet house at the end.”

She frowns like she’s disappointed. “I wanted mansions and swans in a lake. Damn. Why have all that money if you don’t have a nice home?”

“Some people are humble, Hadley. I wouldn’t have even known she was rich.”

Talking about Lana gets me thinking about her again after I’ve just stopped. I’m worried I’m demonstrating obsessive behaviors. Which I don’t know if I like or not.

She hasn’t answered my calls all day, and my texts haven’t been responded to either. So I’m surprised when I finally get an answer.

LANA: SORRY!!! My work got in the way this time. Been crazy busy and only had my business phone with me. Just got back into town a few minutes ago.

I didn’t know she had a business phone or that she went on a business meeting. But I’m relieved to know I haven’t been blown off.

“Is that her?” Hadley asks, reminding me she’s still lurking.

“Go away, Hadley. She doesn’t have swans in a lake.”

She mutters something about a waste before sulking and walking off.

I start to text her, but decide I’d rather hear her voice instead, so I call as I head out to my car.

“Hey!” she answers, sounding a little out of breath. “Again, I’m sorry. I was really busy earlier, and like I said, I didn’t have my phone, and—”

“Don’t apologize. Just wondering when I can see you again. I’m back home. A case is closed, so I’ll have a couple of days off as a reward. Why do you sound out of breath?”

“Just finished a necessary workout. And I happen to have exactly two days off as well. My business partner is reworking some things so that we can squeeze in a little extra business this month.”

She never talks about her business, and now Hadley has put it into my mind. If she’s so wealthy, why does she do so much legwork herself? Why not hire people?

“So we have two days with each other?” I muse, putting a few of the unsolved files in my bag.

“Yes. And I still have your boxers. In fact, as soon as I finish showering, I’m going to put them on.”

“Any chance I can come over?”

“That was me inviting you over,” she says dryly. “I really suck at this subtlety thing, huh?”

Grinning, I get in my car and start backing out, ready to have some time to unwind. I’d like to get some fresh clothes from my house, but that would take longer.

“Wait! I just thought of something. What if I come to your house? You’ve seen mine. Show me yours.”

Well, that solves that problem.

“It’s nothing special, but I’d love for you to see my bedroom.”

She laughs under her breath. “I might leave my panties behind as a reason to return.”

“I’m not wearing them and eating ice cream,” I say, loving the way that makes her laugh.

“Good to know. If you’ll give me the address, I’ll shower and meet you there. Are you home now?”

“I’m just leaving the office.”

“Okay. Then I’ll hurry and get ready. Send me the address, Agent Bennett.

“Back to Agent Bennett?”

“I’ll call you Logan later on tonight,” she quips, causing an immediate reaction from the wayward appendage that has forgotten I’m closer to thirty than eighteen.

“See you soon.”

I hang up and shoot her a text with the address. I probably need a shower too, so at least I’ll have time. I also decide to stop and pick up something to cook so that we don’t have to leave to go anywhere. We have two solid days, and all I want to do is spend every second getting this addiction under control.

I hurry through the motions of buying groceries, load down my back hatch, and rush home. My phone is ringing as soon as I step through the door of my house. I groan when I see it’s Craig.

“Please don’t tell me we already have to come back in.”

“Well, hello to you, SSA Logan Bennett. I guess that pussy is golden if the company man himself doesn’t want to come back to work.”

“Craig, if you want to remain pretty in front of the cameras, I’d suggest refraining from speaking about Lana’s pussy anymore.”