Unexpectedly Yours (Page 18)

He thrusts up inside me, and God, he hits just right, a new angle, sliding and deep. I use his shoulders to lever myself, meeting every stroke as I lose myself in his ravenous gaze.

Who is this man?

The thought echoes through me with every pulse. I can’t believe a stranger has unleashed this wanton side to me, but he’s not a stranger, not really. One night together, and already I feel like I know him like nobody else. His humor, his kindness.

His incredible body.

Austin plunges into me, grinding his hips up against me so the pressure is exquisite, inside and out. I’m cresting now, so close to the edge, totally lost to the moment, and I can see it in his eyes, he’s feeling it too. We’re united in this: gasping for air, crashing into each other with wild abandon. And then his lips come down to cover mine; his kiss consumes me as his body claims my own. He’s everywhere. There’s no space left for thought, for consciousness, I’m just pure sensation, every atom in my body radiating pleasure, coming apart at the seams.

He presses my wrists into the mattress and surges inside me one last time. I shatter with a scream, spiraling into ecstasy as the release rips through me, over me, all around. And as I fall into the sweet oblivion, I realize, I don’t want to let him go.

Christmas Day



I wake up to find a gorgeous woman naked in my bed. That’s nothing new. What’s a first for me is that I’m pretty damn happy to find her here.

Sophie is sleeping soundly, curled up beside me. The morning light glows on her pale skin, her auburn curls tangled on the pillow. Even in her sleep she has a curious little smile on her face, like that intriguing brain of hers is working out a new problem to solve.

I reach over and gently brush a strand out of her face, soft as silk. She makes a breathy noise, her eyelashes flutter, and then she rolls over, nestling her beautiful body in close to me, warm and soft under the covers.

I hold her against me for a moment, feeling an unfamiliar sensation burning in my chest. Possessiveness, raw and fierce. When she finally admitted what was going on in her head last night, I wanted to hop a red-eye flight and go beat her ex senseless. What kind of pathetic excuse for a man could make her feel that way? As if she wasn’t sexy, not desirable enough to keep him interested. I can’t believe it.

Sophie is fucking spectacular—and not just in bed. Everything about her is different and new to me: she’s thoughtful and flirty, innocent and self-assured. A tangle of contradictions, bound up in one sexy package. I want to know everything about her, unravel those secrets until I know her by heart.

My phone buzzes on the nightstand, snapping me out of my thoughts. I reach for it, careful not to wake her. I’ve got a bunch of texts waiting, from my family and friends all wishing me a merry Christmas. I quickly text back, and then slide out of bed.

Outside the hotel windows, New York City is silent and blanketed in white. It must have snowed all night—even if it was hot enough in here to burn the whole of Manhattan to the ground.

I grin at the memory. I may not be surrounded by festive cheer, but this is definitely a holiday I’ll never forget. And it’s only just getting started: if I have my way, we’ll still be naked in bed by the time New Years rolls around, too.

My gaze goes back to Sophie. I pause. The snow is just the kind of thing she’ll love. I remember talking about the holidays, and the wistful note in her voice as she described her perfect Christmas. It’s not my style to go for big romantic gestures, I’ve never needed to try. Being a rock star comes with a “get out of jail free” card when it comes to making an effort for a woman: a backstage pass is usually all it takes to make their day.

But Sophie is different. She doesn’t know about my fame—and something tells me she wouldn’t even care if she did. It’ll take something bigger to put a smile on her face, but suddenly, that’s all I want to do today. Make her light up the way she did when I showed her the park last night, and give her the Christmas of her dreams.

Even if it isn’t the one either of us planned.

An idea takes hold, and doesn’t let go. I grab some sweatpants and pull on a T-shirt, then drop a kiss on her forehead and head out the door. I’ve got a Christmas miracle to plan.



I had the best dream of my life last night. It was like something out of a movie: snow and city streets, the glow of street-lamps and laughter…


I yawn, stretching. I can feel myself waking up, but I fight to stay in the blissful haze: the memory of a strange man’s hands on my body, and his sultry Southern drawl whispering wicked things in my ear—

Suddenly, it all comes rushing back to me. Austin. Me. Here, in this bed.


I sit up with a jolt, my heart racing. I look around, but I’m alone in the bed; the suite is silent, empty.

I’m all alone.

A shiver of insecurity ripples through me. I hug the blankets around my bare shoulders, wondering where he’s gone. I’ve never really had a one-night stand before, or hooked up with a stranger like this, so I don’t know what happens now. Am I supposed to clear out of here before he comes back? What if there’s a whole set of “morning after” rules I’m breaking right now?

I don’t want to leave.

The knowledge makes me pause, realizing the truth. Sure, Austin was a charming stranger back when we first met in the bar; I asked him out looking for distraction, a way to forget Matt’s cowardly betrayal. But somewhere between the deli and the bar; the late-night walk through New York, and all our conversation, we both opened up to each other. He stopped being that handsome playboy, and became someone real.