Unexpectedly Yours (Page 9)

“Not a drunk, just drunk.” Austin grins, leaning back in his seat. “But don’t think I’m not enjoying the show.”

“It is fun, isn’t it?” I say happily, turning to the piano. All night long, people have taken their turns singing up in front of everyone, and by the first chorus, usually the whole crowd has joined in. It’s warm and friendly, nothing like the cooler-than-thou bars back in LA, all full of stick-thin models and guys who think they’re hot stuff.

Matt’s probably out at a bar like that right now, introducing himself and saying he’s a doctor, and having some girl fall at his feet

I snap out of it. Maybe I am a little tipsy.

 “I’m going to sing,” I decide, then blink. Where did that come from?

Austin shakes his head, still grinning. “This I’ve got to see.”

“You don’t think I can do it?” I challenge.

“Oh, I believe in you, sweetheart. Anything you set your mind to.”

“That’s right.” I get up, relieved to find I’m not on the stumbling side of drunk just yet. The room barely sways as I straighten my dress and take a deep breath. “Just watch.”

Before I can think it through, I approach the front, just as the last guy finished his number. The older piano player smiles, picking out a melody on the keys. “What can I do you for, red?”

My mind races. I’ve never sung in public—embarrassing karaoke sessions aside. At least, not since I played Rizzo in our high school production of Grease…

I tell him the number, and take a deep breath as he finds the sheet music. He plays a couple of bars. “Whenever you’re ready.”

Oh God.

I look around. Even in the dim light, I can see all the faces staring back at me. Waiting.

What the hell am I doing?

 Living. A small voice answers. That was the point of this trip, wasn’t it? To do all the things you’ve been daydreaming about, the things you never had the time or nerve to do.

Well, here I am, wearing my best slinky dress and heels, in front of a room full of strangers who I’ll never see again in my life.

I catch Austin’s eye, over in the corner.

 What’s the worst that can happen?

I close my eyes, open my mouth, and sing.




I watch, stunned, as Sophie transforms before my eyes. One minute, she’s giggling and adorable, sipping at her ridiculous drink. The next, she’s up there at the front of the room, batting her eyelashes with a sensuous smile.

Forget classic movie star, this girl has gone full femme fatale.

“There are worse things I could do…” she sings, swaying those hips in a sensuous rhythm. She leans against the piano, her voice low and pure. She’s not a professional like some of the Broadway guys here tonight, but what she lacks in polish, she makes up for in oozing sensuality, smoldering so hard I swear she could set the room on fire.

I shift in my seat. Holy shit, this girl is dangerous. From kitten to wildcat in ten seconds flat.

And what else is hiding behind those innocent eyes?

The song continues, and I can tell, Sophie relaxes into it. She walks out from beside the piano, throwing winks and flirty looks to the guys around her. It’s a commanding performance, and I’m having so much fun watching, I don’t realize the effect she’s having on me until she locks eyes with me and pauses for breath, her curves rising and falling in that illegal dress.

She begins the final verse, but now she’s singing only to me. She sashays towards me, trailing a hand across my shoulders as she leans in close.

I clench my hands into fists at my sides. I’ve had a couple of lap-dances in my day, but dammit, if this doesn’t put them all to shame. Every sway of those hips makes my blood rush south, every tilt of her body reveals a glimpse of her delicious cleavage. She’s barely touching me, still totally into her performance, but I’m so turned on, I won’t be able to get up for days.

I’m so busy staring, I don’t even realize that the song is over and the room has burst into applause. Sophie’s sultry expression slips, and she looks around in amazement.

“Oh my god,” she exclaims, skipping back over and throwing herself down in her seat. “I can’t believe I just did that!”

I can’t either. But the lust pumping through my body is like nothing in the world, and suddenly, the only thing I care about is feeling those lush curves pressed up against me; that dangerous mouth easing open to my touch.

I grab our coats and pull her to her feet. “Hey!” she protests, spilling her drink, but I’m already hustling her towards the exit and upstairs to the street. The cold hits me, but I don’t care, I’m burning so hot, I barely feel it.

“Where are we going? I was having fun!” Sophie catches her breath, shivering. “If you didn’t like my singing, you could just say—”

“I liked it plenty,” I tell her, sliding my hands around her waist and pushing her gently back against the wall. “But would you want me doing this in front of everyone?”

I lower my head and claim her sweet lips in a heated kiss.


She sways against me, her mouth falling open in surprise. I take the chance to slide my tongue deep and taste her, taste that sweetness, the hint of coconut from her drink still lingering, making me think of warm sandy beaches, and a tropical breeze whispering on our naked skin…

Sophie moans, arching up against me, wrapping her arms up around my neck and pulling me even closer.