Wolfsbane (Page 11)

“Yes,” Evan said, nodding. He gave Brett a searing glance.“But I don’t want to drink your damn blood.I’ll just take my chances.”

“I don’t remember giving you an option. Why in hell are you acting like this? Are you scared of me?”

“Do you blame me?” He put his uninjured hand over his face and sighed.“Since I woke up, you’ve threatened me, choked me, hurt my wrist and now bitten the hell out of me. Damn right you scare me!”

Brett smiled down at Evan, aware his heart was still racing, though it was slowing down.

“I only did those things to make the guards believe I hated you and would kill you if I had to.I had to make it look good.”

“Well, you succeeded. I sure as hell believed you.”

Brett folded his legs and sank down beside him, picking him up and pulling his legs around him so they wrapped around his waist, bringing their bodies together and making Evan sit in his lap. Evan pushed back against his chest with his good hand, but soon realized it was futile. He gave up and sagged in his arms, his head dropping down against Brett’s chest.

Brett loved the feel of his sweet body so close to his.He rubbed his hands along Evan’s back and tenderly kissed his neck as he trembled. He bent lower to whisper in his ear.“I’m sorry I scared you,darlin’. I love you.”

Evan raised his gaze and whispered back. His voice was almost frantic. “Oh hell, I love you too. Is it because of that thing in my blood, like the doctors said? What the fuck am I going to do?”

A little laugh was startled right out of Brett’s throat. “What are yougoing to do?” He rubbed little circles across his back.“What do you mean?”

“I mean I don’t know what to do! I can’t be in love with a wolf. I can’t! And now I’ve let you mate with me! What the fuck am I doing? I must be crazy!” He shuddered and dropped his head down on Brett’s chest. “Shit! What’s wrong with me?”

Brett was actually at a loss. He decided to stay quiet and let him calm down a little. Continuing to rub his back, he kissed him on the sides of his neck, making him arch his back and moan. His cock strained against his jeans and rubbed on Brett’s stomach and Evan squirmed to get comfortable sitting on Brett’s now-rigid cock.

“There’s nothing wrong with you at all. You’re just about perfect as far as I can tell. Sweetheart, I’m not sure what’s going on in your head, but let me feed you and calm you down some.”


“I’m not asking permission, sweetheart.” Ignoring his protests, Brett bit into his wrist and pressed it to Evan’s lips. He tried to twist away for a few moments but Brett followed his every move with his wrist. Huffing in defeat, Evan allowed Brett to put his wrist to his mouth. He latched onto it and soon closed his eyes to suck.

Brett watched him as his eyelids fluttered again, and he became intoxicated with the blood. Evan moved his hand down to the bulge in his jeans and rubbed his hand against his erection. Smiling, Brett unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down the zipper, pullingEvan’s cock free. It sprang forward, a dark red color, with a beautiful blue vein throbbing up its length. Brett pushed Evan’s hand away and concentrated on it himself using long, slow strokes that made Evan hump against his hand. Brett rubbed his thumb over the sensitive head and dipped down into his slit, smearing pre-cum all over the head and down the velvety smooth skin. Evan sucked harder, making Brett’s own cock throb and ache.

Brett increased his speed and Evan sucked even harder, the blood dripping out around the corners of his mouth as he tried to take too much in. Soon Brett would have to pull away, but for now, he wanted Evan to come all over his hand.“Come for me, sweetheart. You know you want to. Come,baby.”

Evan’s head fell back and he screamed as he came, shooting cum all over his stomach and lap as well as Brett’s. “Yell out my name, baby, because I’m the only man you’ll ever be with again.C’mon,honey, give it up for me.”

Teasing him, Brett stroked and milked his cock for every last drop.

“Brett! Oh my God, Brett, please!” he yelled hoarsely, more than a little drunk with the blood and the pleasure.The movement of Brett’s hand over his softening cock must have been almost painful now.

“Please what, darlin’? No, I’m still not feeling it. Who do you love baby?”

“Uhn, you! Please!”

“Since you ask so nicely...”

Evan collapsed on Brett’s chest as he crooned to Evan and kissed his neck, sucking in the skin and bringing up a blood blister, marking and claiming him as his own.

Evan was already sleeping deeply when he laid him down on the floor of the cave and went outside. The moon was riding high in the night sky, casting its silver light on the water and the rocks. He needed to shift to help his own healing and also to hunt.He hadn’t eaten much in the days he’d been captive. The only food that had been palatable to him had been Evan’s sandwiches and the food the doctor had managed to bring in to him. He crouched down on the ground and let himself shift to his wolf. He sprang from the rocks and ran into the woods, feeling the strength and the power flowing through his body. He felt exhilarated. He looked up and saw the full moon. Perfect! He had done it!He’d gone into the lion’s den, found his mate and claimed him. A surge of sheer sexual power ran through his body, and he put back his head and howled.

Chapter Four

“Damn good to see you, man!” Casey slapped Brett on the back and pumped his hand in greeting.“We got a little worried that it was taking too long. Thought we’d have to break in there and bring you back out.”

Brett snorted. “No problem, Casey.I was practically on vacation in there.” Casey, Brett had told Evan, was the battle commander of the North Carolina Dark Hollow Pack. Like most of the wolves he was big and handsome. He laughed out loud at Brett’s swagger. Casey looked to the man Brett held tightly by the hand.“This must be Evan.” He looked him up and down.“Very nice to meet you, Evan. Welcome to our home.” He turned and gestured behind him to a smaller man, standing quietly by his side.“This is my mate, Rory.”

A cute young man with curly brown hair stepped forward. Like the other wolves, he was muscular and well built, but not so tall. He was more human-sized, like Evan. His eyes were kind as he smiled at Evan.“I know this is all new for you. Let us know if we can help you with anything.”

Evan held out his hand to shake hands with him, but Rory shook his head slightly and stepped back. Brett pulled his hand down.“No, Evan. You don’t touch the other wolves.”

Evan felt confused. What? No touching? He felt like a child whose hand had been slapped. He flushed when Brett looked back up apologetically to Casey and Rory.“Sorry.”

Rory waved his hand.“No problem. Brett, would you let him come with me to find him some clothes, or would you feel more comfortable with one of the pets taking care of him?”

Brett shifted his feet uncomfortably.“Uh, he’s still pretty nervous. Maybe...”

Casey laughed out loud at the expression on Brett’s face. “No worries, Brett. I know exactly how you feel.” He put his arm around Rory’s waist and pulled him to his side.“I didn’t want my mate out of my sight for weeks.”

Evan was fascinated to see the color rising in Rory’s cheeks. Was he blushing? A wolf?

Brett made a dismissive noise.“It’s not that. I’m tired, that’s all. I want to get a little rest, and then later this afternoon I can deal with his clothes.”

“Sure, no problem. You can use the guest room until we can make you a new assignment. You can’t very well keep him in the barracks. Rory and I have to go out to the training field, but Marco will be home soon.He took Nicky down to buy art supplies.” Casey nodded to Evan. “Nice to meet you, Evan.” He looked back up at Brett.“Very sweet for a Hunter, Brett. You have him almost trained already.” He waved, taking Rory by the arm and leaving by the front door.

Quietly fuming, Evan pulled Brett around to face him.“Trained? Is he kidding? What a jerk.”

A melodious voice behind them made Evan whirl around.“He is a big jerk—always has been. He doesn’t mean anything by it, though. He just can’t help himself. Don’t let him bother you.” Standing near a back entrance was a handsome young blond, his blue eyes twinkling. He was wearing almost sinfully tight black leather pants and a black T-shirt. Next to him, a large wolf, darkly handsome, was loaded down with canvasses and packages.

“Hi, I’m Nicky. I’m the mate of the alpha, Marco.” The young blond stepped forward, holding out his hand.“You must be Evan.”

Evan shook his hand hesitantly, glancing up at Brett to see if he reacted to his touching this young man, but he was smiling and greeting the other wolf. What the hell?

Nicky, sensing his confusion, lowered his voice conspiratorially.“It’s because Rory and Casey are both wolves, so pets can’t touch them and vice versa. It’s okay for me, because I’m another pet. Stupid wolf rules.”

Evan laughed, a little startled by the candidness of the young man. His mate, the alpha of the pack, apparently, stepped up beside him, having put down all the packages.“Nicky, I’m going to want to have a word with you about your attitude this morning, just as soon as I have a chance.”

He gave the young blond a stern look and Evan watched in fascination as the young man dropped his gaze, looked up through his lashes and said, “Yes, Marco, I’m sorry.”

The big, handsome wolf turned to Evan.“I’m Marco, Evan, and I see Nicky has already introduced himself. I know this must all be confusing to you, and you both look exhausted.I’m glad to see you both in one piece. I must admit I was worried about this scheme of yours, Brett.”

Brett smiled.“As you see, we’re fine, and I took my little man here right out from under their noses.”

As Marco and Brettlaughed, Evan and Nicky exchanged glances over the “little man” remark. Nicky’s rolled eyes and look of disgust when the two wolves weren’t looking had Evan trying desperately to hold back his laughter. Nicky looked Evan up and down and drew him off to the side while Brett was still conversing with Marco.“You look ready to drop. Make him give you some real food to eat, and I’ll send up some clothes for you. We have jeans and leathers— whichever you prefer. I think Brett is pretty old school so he may want you in leathers.” He looked down at his wrist.It didn’t hurt anymore, but Evan still held it at an odd angle next to his chest.“What’s wrong with your wrist?”