Wolfsbane (Page 15)

“Wait a minute,” Nicky said. “You said Ian had agreed to let you fight alongside him. Did you do that to Ian?” A slow grin spread over his face.“You did, didn’t you?”

Logan shrugged.“Maybe. We may have had a private little wager going on. Maybe with an extra little something to sweeten the pot.”

“Like what?” Nicky asked, fascinated.

“You remember when they found us at the cave? When I woke up, Ian was so furious and crazy he told me I was going to spend thirty days naked in bed. Of course, he backed off that later, but it never quite sat right with me. So I wagered that if I put him on the ground, he’d spend an entire weekend naked in bed, and I could have my wicked way with him as often as I wanted to.If he won, I’d do it.”

“Oh, my God,” Nicky said. “You fucked him?You did, didn’t you? Wait a minute—didn’t Ian have a stomach virus a couple of weekends ago—we didn’t see him for two days.”

Logan just smiled wickedlywhile Nicky’s mouth dropped. “Was that it?” Nicky laughed so hard he had to lean against Evan for support.“Oh my God, I’d like to do that to Marco. Especially the topping thing.You really think I could?”

“I think you can, Nicky, and I think you should. Just be sure you’re ready when you do.”

Nicky got a wicked little smile on his face.“Oh yeah. I can definitely handle this. Logan, I think you need to show me some moves.”

Chapter Five

“Nicky, I really don’t want to discuss this anymore,” Marco said irritably. It was just after dinner and Nicky had been relentless the whole time he was eating. Nicky could exasperate Marcomore than anyone he’d ever met. He loved the young man so much it frightened him sometimes, but he could also get under Marco’s skin like nobody he’d ever met.

“You don’t want to discuss it because you know I’m right, and you don’t have a good answer.”

“You’re not fighting the Hunters, either by my side or not. It’s ridiculous and out of the question.”

“Ridiculous?” Nicky narrowed his eyes and cocked his head.“How do you mean that, Marco? Do you mean that it’s ridiculous to suppose that I could defend my home and my family? Do you think so little of me?”

“Of course not, Nicky, you know what I mean. I’m not about to let you get yourself hurt or worse fighting trained soldiers. With guns! You can get mad all you want and call me all the namesyou want, but I’m not going to allow it.”

“I’m not really asking your permission, Marco.”

“Damn it, Nicky!” Marco stood up, trying to be as large and intimidating as possible, but Nicky had seen it all before and was not overly impressed.

He jumped to his feet and stared right back at him.“Damn it, Marco! Don’t cuss at me, and don’t try to throw your weight around. You can’t stop me.”

He bent over at the waist to put his face right up to Nicky’s. “You wait and see if I can’t. I’ll take a lot from you, Nicky, but one thing I won’t compromise on is your safety. If I have to tie you up and throw you in that safe room I’ll do it.”

At a standoff, Nicky crossed his arms over his chest.“What if I could prove to you that I can take care of myself? That I don’t need you to protect me?”

Marco rolled his eyes.“How are you going to do that, Nicky?”

“By challenging you to a fight.” Nicky smiled archly at him, as Marco waved his hand and turned away.

“Again?That didn’t work out so great the last time, did it?” He smiled but got only a stony stare in response.“Look, Nicky, I’m not going to fight you, baby.It wouldn’t exactly be a fair fight.”

“Oh, really? And why is that?Because you think you’re so much better a fighter than I am?”

Marco sat down on the sofa and put his hands behind his head.“Well, yeah. That and the fact that I wouldn’t want to hurt you, so I would pull my punches. I wouldn’t think you’d want to hurt me either. Or would you like to kick me and gouge out my eyes like Logan is teaching you guys?”

“I don’t, baby,” Nicky said, standing in front of him. “I’d never want to really hurt you. That’s why I’ll just put you down on the floor and keep you there untilI let you get up.”

“And just how do you plan to do that?”

Nicky shrugged.“I can’t give away my secrets, but l’ll bet you I can, and I’m so confident I can do it, I’ll make it worth your while.”

It was Marco’s turn to narrow his eyes.“How would you do that?”

“If I can’t do as I say,then I’ll-I’ll get up every morning and cook breakfast foryou, and I’ll never bring up the subject of fightingalongside you again.”

Marco looked skeptical.

“I promise!” Nicky held up a hand to swear.

“You’re going to get up every morning at six o’clock? To cook?” Marco’s highly dubious tone instantly made Nicky furious.

“Well, if I lost the bet I would, but I won’t have to because I’ll win.” Nicky snapped back at him.

“Okay.” Marco stood up and walked lazily toward Nicky.“Go ahead.”

“First, you have to promise to let me keep training and fight at your side if it comes to an allout war. No safe room!I’d rather die—you know I can’t stand closed places, and not knowing if you were alive or dead—it would kill me.”

“Nicky, I appreciate all that, sweetheart, but...”

Nicky held up his hand.“Wait. I’m not through. If I do this, I also get to have sex with you any way I want to tonight.”

Marco smiled and reached for him.“Not a problem, sweetheart. We don’t have to do all this silly fighting for that.”

Nicky allowed Marco to kiss him for a few minutes and then pulled back.“Any way I want to.Promise, Marco.”

Marco sighed.“Okay, any way you want to. Now can we get on with this? I have some things I need to do before bed tonight.”

“Okay, sure. I have some things I need to do before bed tonight too. So stand up, and come at me.Just like you’re going to hit me.”

Smiling a little, Marco stepped forward with an arm upraised. Nicky stepped forward, just as he’d seen Logan do, and with his left hand struck Marco a light blow to his Adam’s apple. Marco stopped dead in his tracks, got a surprised, choking look on his face and grabbed his throat. Nicky moved his left hand down to his shirtfrontand pushed on Marco’s chest as hard as he could. At the same time, he bent over and stuck his righthand between Marco’s legs, grabbed his belt from the back and yanked hard.

Nothing happened.

Marco stared down at him.“Why did you hit me in the throat?”

Desperately, Nicky repositioned himself, pushed again on Marco’s chest as hard as he could while sticking his hand between his legs and grabbing his belt. Marco stood solidly still, staring down at him curiously.

“Is something supposed to be happening?” Marco asked.

Nicky straightened back up and glared at Marco.“You’re supposed to fall down on your back, damn it!”

“Oh,” he said, smiling.“Should I do that for you now, baby? Will you come with me?”

He pulled Nicky in his arms and sat down on the floor, then lay on his back with him still tightly wrapped in his arms. Nicky tried to pull away and finally sagged against his chest.“No, damn it.I was supposed to be on my feet with you on your back.” He pouted a little.“I was going to fuck you tonight.”

Marco raised his eyebrows with interest.“Oh? Okay.”

“You mean you’d let me?”

“Sure. Sounds good to me, sweetheart.”

“But-but Logan says Ian hates it and Loganmakes him do it anyway.”

Marco put back his head and laughed.“Well, that’s fine for Ian, but I like you any way I can get you. Sounds pretty sexy to me.” He leaned up and kissed Nicky.“Hey, did you want me to dislike it? I can resist and everything, if you want me to.”

Nicky laughed.“Idiot! Okay, yes, I want to fuck you very much. Pull those pants off, buddy, and I’ll go get the lube.”

He jumped up and ran to the bedroom and just when he found it and was on his way back, Marco called out, “Oh and Nicky? I think I’ll have bacon and eggs tomorrow, baby. Eggs over easy, please.”

Nicky stalked back into the room and glared down at him.

Marco smiled back up at him, unable to resist teasing him.“Did you think I forgot our bet, baby? No way.I’m going to enjoy every minute of this.”

“So it didn’t work at all?” Evan asked.

“Hell no!” Nicky looked up sullenly at Logan and Evan, who was having a hard time trying to look totally supportive and not smile at all.“The big gorilla. I did exactly like you told me, Logan.It was like trying to push over a damn tree.”

“Well, did he at least let you top him?”

“Oh, sure. If you can call it that. He was just full of helpful little hints and directions. Talk about a backseat driver.”

Evan put a companionable arm around Nicky’s shoulders. “I’m sorry you didn’t have any fun, Nicky.”

“Now I didn’t say all that. Sex with Marco is always fun. Hell, it’s fantastic. It wasn’t so great, though, when I had to get up this morning at five-thirty to fix his breakfast. Oh, and he rubbed it in too.‘Can you bring me some juice, Nicky? Next time don’t cook my eggs quite so long, Nicky. Can you make pancakes, Nicky?I think I’d like some sausage tomorrow too, Nicky,’” Nicky said in a mocking, sing-song voice.“He’s such an asshole!”

Evan smiled.“Well, he did win the bet...”

“Not helpful, Evan,” Nicky said.

Nicky looked down at his watch and frowned.”It’s almost nine o’clock. You guys please come help me. Marco decided to get cute and invite over his council for a breakfast meeting at nine. He wants me to cook.”