Wolfsbane (Page 18)

Brett wasted no time either, turning to kiss his mate the minute he closed the door behind them and then walking Evan backward to the bed until the backs of his knees hit the mattress. He let his hands fall to thefastening of Evan’s jeans, and then he pushed Evan down to pull off his shoes and tug his jeans, underwear and socks off in one practiced pull. His own jeans hit the floor beside Evan’s, and he picked Evan up with one arm around his waist to move them both farther up onto the bed.

Unable to help himself a moment longer, he dragged Evan closer and gave him a hard and possessive kiss. Too hard. Evan could taste a hint of blood on his tongue as his lips jammed againstBrett’s teeth, and he made a loud cry of alarm. Instantly, Brett drew back, looking at him with concern. “I-I’m sorry, baby! I’m having a hard time being gentle.” He seemed to make himself fall away from Evan onto the bed beside him to give himself a minute to gain control. He glanced over at Evan and the tears gathering in his eyes must have shamed him

“I should have left you alone for a while. I should do it now. I should get up off the bed, apologize and go for a run or something.I’m sorry, babe.” Evan leaned ove r him and kissed him gently. Brett’s mouth was hot, his sweet tongue slipping past Evan’s lips to touch his tongue and sweep over the inside. Brett opened his arms and drew him in closer, tasting him. He rolled Evan back under him and pushed his knees up. Evanknew this wasn’t going to last very long—Brett was too keyed up, wanted to possess him, to own him too much. Brett reached blindly for the lube on the table beside the bed and smeared some on his cock.

Trying hard to slow himself down, he took a deep breath and eased one lubed finger inside Evan, desperate but still unwilling to hurt him without stretching him a bit first.Evan’s thighs opened wide, giving him access. For a moment their eyes met and rather than the possessive rage he thought he might see in Brett’s eyes, he saw a haze of lust before his eyelids closed again. Evan’s mouth squirmedas Brett’s finger probed inside him, locating the spongy gland he was searching for. Brett swept his finger over it and Evan came undone, arching his back and gripping his knees until his knuckles turned white as hiscock spurted cum onto Brett’s chest.

Before he even finished, Brett pulled out his finger and replaced it with his cock, plunging inside and fucking his lover hard.Evan moved his hands to Brett’s shoulders and clutched him just as hard, clenching his teeth and taking everything Brett had to give.

Passion and love filled him at the sight of Brett’s beautiful face so close to his. This man was his, and he wanted him to mark him as his own. He felt Brett sink his teeth into his neck, hoping to leave such a mark. Evan turned to give him more access, leaning toward him, baring his neck. Brett pulled back afterward and licked at the bite, noting the teeth marks with apparent satisfaction.

He pushed into Evan’s body, embedding himself as he emptied his seed into him. Evan felt his body go lax as he collapsed on top of Evan and finally pulled away, falling off to the side and pulling Evan with him.

Brett lay on his back for a long time, trying to catch his breath, stroking Evan’s back. Evan rolled off after a while and moved shakily to the bathroom. After a few minutes, Brett got up and came in to find Evan staring at himself in the mirror. Brett walked up behind him and put his arms around his waist. Evan leaned back into him and closed his eyes.

“Are you okay?” “Yes, I was just admiring your handiwork.” He opened his eyes and put a hand to his throat, where the full set of teeth marks were already standing out against his pale skin.

Brett touched the marks with his fingertips.“I’m sorry I hurt you, love.”

Evan smiled back at him in the mirror.“I’m fine. I kind of like it because it marks me as yours.”

Brett groaned and pulled him even closer, feeling his cock hardening again at the words.

“One thing I don’t understand,” Evan said, peering at himself more closely. “Yeah? What’s that, baby?”

“Why in the hell he called me his bunny? And then you did it too. What is there about me that screams rabbit?”

Brett smiled, his hands roaming over Evan’s body. “Well, you’re soft and warm and cuddly and awfully cute.”

Evan made a sound of outrage and tried, not very hard, to pull away. He arched a look over his shoulder at him.“Do wolves eat rabbits?”

Brett kissed his neck again.“I’m not really sure,” he said with a smile. “C’mon bunny rabbit,” he said, pulling him back toward the bed. “Let me see how you taste, and I’ll tell you.”

Chapter Seven

The big Ford pickup holding the alpha of the Georgia branch of the wolf pack and his mate pulled up in front of the lodge. Zack, the big Alpha got out first and was joined by his mate, Gabe. Evan stood to the side next to Rory, watching them greet their alpha and Nicky who had come out to meet them. Zack looked a lot like Marco, actually, both a little larger than most of the other wolves with dark brown hair and the high cheekbones of the clan. He knew a lot of the wolves were related, and wondered if these two were cousins or something and decided they probably were.

Gabe, on the other hand, looked like Nicky with dark hair. Where Nicky’s hair was blond, his was shiny black. His skin was fair, like Nicky’s, and they were about the same size and both had toned, muscular chests tapering to slim waists. When he turned, however, his eyes were much lighter blue than Nicky’s and were striking with his black hair and eyelashes. He was wearing a bit of eyeliner too, making the contrast even more remarkable. He wore a wide gold choker necklace around his neck that Evan was fascinated by. He’d been in enough gay bars to know that necklace was a collar.

Nicky drew him over to where Evan and Rory were standing. “Gabe, you remember Rory, of course, and this is a new member of our pack, Evan.”

“Hi Evan.You’re very pretty,” he said and then laughed at Evan’s shocked expression. He held up his hand to show off a wide gold band studded with diamonds. “I’m happily married, honey, so you have nothing to worry about. My big stud keeps me very satisfied.” He turned to wink at Nicky.“But I’m not dead.”

“You will be if Zack catches you flirting,” Nicky said, smiling. “C’mon in and have some lunch.I warn you, there’ll be an interrogation afterward.”

“You’re the one who let it slip, aren’t you?” Gabe asked. Nicky blushed and Gabe put his arm around his shoulders. “It’s no big deal. Never was to me, but Zack wanted it kept quiet. It was his cousin, Tim, who bit me, you know, and killed my mother. I think he was pretty ashamed of that for his family’s sake. Then too, a lot of the Werekin have some strange ideas about becoming feral, thinking we’re wild and unpredictable most of the time other than just at the full moon. No matter how much we feed.I don’t think he ever even considered the Hunters. We don’t see nearly as much of them as you do over here.”

“Apparently the Hunters have made some of their own soldiers feral, according to one of our sources,” Rory said. “They’re experimenting with synthetic blood, maybe to gain better control, and trying to figureout a way to duplicate the mating bite to see how it factors in.”

Gabe looked surprised.“We hadn’t heard about all that. What’s the point with the feral soldiers?Would they use them in an attack?”

Nicky sighed. “We’re not sure.”

“Well, I’ll be happy to tell your alpha about my experiences.”

From behind them, Marco spoke up.“Good, Gabe.I’m glad to hear it. Zack and I have just been talking about it. I understand he was only trying to protect you by not telling us about your past. Nicky faced negative commentstoo after his change.”

Nicky shrugged. “Yes, some.It didn’t help that I shifted in front of the whole pack. It’s mostly forgotten now that they see nothing happens to me at the full moon.”

Gabe shuddered.“Thank God, right? I hated it.”

Zack came around to his side and pulled him close. Gabe smiled up at him and they all walked toward the dining hall off the main room. Tables had been set up there for the visitors and soon everyone had filled their plates at the small buffet set up on the side of the room.

Evan and Brett sat at a long table near the back. After he finished, Evan leaned against his mate.“Do you think Gabe is nice-looking?”

Brett glanced up and then back at him.“He’s gorgeous. Not as gorgeous as you, of course, but then nobody is.”

Evan smiled at him.“Good answer.” Brett leaned down to kiss Evan and then went back to shoveling in his lunch. Since the incident with the letter, Brett had been extra-attentive to Evan. He’d written a letter to Eric and let Evan read it before he sent it off. It was a very nice letter, considering how angry he’d been, and it simply stated that Evan was not interested in receiving any more letters, as he was now quite totally and irrevocably involved with someone else. Namely him. He asked that he refrain from sending anymore letters, and he would refrain from rearranging his face. Evan thought it was a pretty nice letter, all things considered, and gave his permission to send it.

As the meal drew to a close and the various members of the pack went back to work, Marco and his group still sat at the table and he motioned for Brett and Evan to come over and join them. Marco introduced Brett as his lead gamma, and while he shook Zack’s hand and exchanged a few words, Evan slipped down to the end of the table where Nicky, Logan and Gabe were sitting, still laughing at some of Gabe’s outrageous stories of his adventures as a feral creature before he met Zack.

“One night,” he told them, “I’d had one too many...okay I’d had eight or ninetoo many,” he said, laughing. “But I was dancing and having a good time in one of the gay bars off Ponce de Leon Street in Atlanta. I’d kind of let the days slip up on me, and didn’t even realize it was supposed to be a full moon that night. I was doing a few drugs, and smoking pretty bad in those days, and I don’t mean cigarettes. Anyway, I let this guy talk me into going out back for a quick blow job. So there I was, on my knees, doing my thing, you know, out in the alley. All of a sudden the clouds parted and this big, beautiful moon came out and I looked up and saw it. I could feel the change coming over me, so I was trying to get away from this dude so I wouldn’t accidentally hurt him. He was an asshole, really, so when he realized I was stopping he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me back on his dick. Then he looked down and got a good look at what had his dick in its mouth.” He held his sides and fell back in his chair.“You should have seen his face.”