Dead and Loving It (Page 5)

"Go fuck yourself, perv."

"I'd rather not...besides, you're here, so why should I have to? We have hours until sunrise." He chuckled. It sounded like cold water flowing over black rocks. "And Jane...I'm sooooo hungry. I've been waiting and waiting for you to wake up."

"I hope I poison you. I hope you choke until your lungs explode. I hope my blood burns your windpipe. I hope-"

"I get the gist. I hope that the next time you agree to spend the evening with me, you keep your word." Then he was on her so suddenly she didn't have time to pull in air for a gasp. She braced herself as best she could for his brutal entry, for teeth and blood and pain. Oh, when I get out of here I'm going to use your vertebrae for dice. See if I don't. And I won't cry, either. So there.

His mouth skimmed her jaw, and she felt him lick her jugular and nibble gently at the tender flesh. His cool hand closed over her breast, pressed against her warm flesh, and she felt her nipple harden against his palm. Then he was kissing her throat, the middle of her chest, and her stomach. She felt his thumbs on her cunt, spreading her wide, and she felt his tongue snake inside her. The shock of it nearly bent her up off the bed. His mouth was cool, but quickly warmed, and she flinched back, thinking of his sharp canines.

But there was nothing to fear-or there was, but she quickly forgot it as waves of heat started from her crotch and radiated upward. His tongue was flicking in and out of her little tunnel, stabbing her clit, and then he pulled back and licked...excruciatingly slow licks that made her shake. She gritted her teeth as hard as she could and locked away the sounds she wanted to make. So he wasn't being a hard guy-fine. This still wasn't her idea. It still wasn't any different than smacking her around or shoving her up against a dirty alley wall or-or-

He stopped. He pulled back. She started to relax, then felt the sharp sting as he teeth broke the skin over her femoral artery. She gasped-she couldn't help it-and tried to jerk away, but his hands held her fast.

His fingers smoothed the soft pelt between her thighs, and then he was parting her lips again, and stroking her throbbing clit. One of his fingers dipped inside her while his thumb pressed gentle circles around her increasingly slick flesh. Meanwhile, his mouth was busy on her inner thigh, and she could hear soft sucking.

This went on, and on...she quickly lost track of time. She was screaming inside.

Whenever she started to get close, he somehow knew, and his fingers would still, or pull away entirely. His mouth never stopped. Then he'd resume again, careful not to push her over the edge. After a while she still wasn't making any sounds, but the bed shook with her trembling.

At last he was sated. He pulled back, then bent to her and gave her a long, leisurely lick. "Ummm. You're so wet. I love that. And you taste soooo good. Everywhere, it seems. Your blood is really rich. What on earth have you been eating?"

She ground her teeth at him for answer. She felt his pelvis settle over hers, heard him chuckle. "Your rage could set the room on fire-better than being cold, I think?"

She didn't dignify that with an answer. Besides, if she opened her mouth-what might she say? She was horribly afraid she might ask-beg-to be fucked. Hard. For a long, long time. Her cunt throbbed. Her thigh throbbed. It wasn't pain, it was sheer yearning. She had never needed to come so badly.

When she felt him start to enter her, it took every ounce, every drop of her willpower not to strain to meet him. She resisted by listing his many odious offenses inside her head.

That part of him was warm. And hard, and huge. His cock was parting her slowly and gently, and she had a quick thought: He has to be gentle...he wasn't, a few times before, and he hurt his partner. That's how he knows to tongue fuck, first. But that thought spiraled away into confusion as he shoved, and she felt him slam into her. She made a sound, some small sound, and his mouth was instantly on hers. She could taste her lust, and her blood, and then he was whispering into her mouth, "I couldn't help that, I'm sorry-am I hurting you?" His hands were fisting in her hair and now he was groaning and thrusting, and her breath was coming in harsh gasps.

"Please," she groaned. "Please-" Don't stop. Don't ever stop. Harder. More. Faster.

Please. Please. Please.

He groaned, too. "I wanted to hurt you but not like...I'll make it up to you, my own-" She heard him grind his teeth...and then he stopped so suddenly he was rigid with the strain of it. She was afraid to move, to breathe, but it didn't matter, he did the unthinkable anyway-slowly pulled out of her. She closed her eyes and whimpered as he went, hating herself for it even as she knew she could have done nothing to quell the sound.

"Jane. Tell the truth, love. Am I hurting you?" She felt his hand caress her cheek and opened her eyes. His teeth were set so hard his jaw trembled. Here was a perfect opportunity for revenge. And she couldn't do it.

"Twice," she whispered.

He bent closer, dropped a kiss to her shoulder. "What?"

"Twice. This is my second time. Ever. In my life."

"You-what?" She could have laughed at his horrified expression, if she hadn't been ready to claw his eyes out for not letting her come. "Oh, Christ! I had no-I thought you-you seemed so tough I was sure-"

Tough? Sure. Real tough. She'd grown a shell around her soul the night she lost her virginity. The night she, in her ardor, broke her lover's back. It had happened on the last day of her freshmen year in college, and her then-boyfriend, as far as she knew, was still in a wheelchair. It was the first and last time she'd chosen someone who wasn't pack. It was, in fact, the last time she'd chosen anyone, until tonight. And she hasn't exactly chosen this, had she?

"You can't say Christ," she whispered. "You're a vampire."

"One of the many myths," he whispered back. He stroked her hair. She could feel his cock on her leg, throbbing impatiently. It didn't give a fuck if she was hurt or not. It had business to get back to. And so did she. "Jane, why did you try to run away from me?"

"I didn't, dimwad. I told you the truth."


"Now will you please finish and untie me?"

"Pick one."

She nearly screamed. "What?"

"Pick one." He tapped her clit with a teasing finger. "And I'll do it." He kissed her again. He ducked down and licked her nipple, then sucked, hard. In their bonds, her hands curled into fists. "Whichever one. I'll do it. Thoroughly."

"I hate you," she nearly sobbed.

"I know."


"Oh, thank God." In an instant he was pushing his way inside her again, and for a half second she understood why he had been concerned-the friction was delightful, so delightful it was just this side of pain. Then he was pumping his hips against hers and it became more than delightful; it was exquisite.

"Kiss me back," he said into her mouth. "Give me your tongue."

Half-blind from the swamping pleasure, she did so. He sucked on it in time with his thrusts and she could hear someone making high, whimpering noises, and realized with amazement it was her making those silly bitch sounds. The bed thumped in time with their fucking, and then he tore his mouth from hers. "Now," he hissed in her ear, "come now." Then he pinched her nipple, hard, and that spun her into the most powerful orgasm of her life. She could actually feel the spasms ripple through her uterus, and the world got dark and fuzzy around the edges for a few moments. Above her he stiffened and for a moment his grip was painful. "God, my God, Jane!" Then he shuddered all over, and he relaxed as she felt him spurt deeply inside her.

She dozed for a few minutes-it had been a stressful few days. She came all the way awake when she realized he was stroking her lower lip with his thumb. "Get the fuck off me now."

"Ah, you're back. I thought you were being uncharacteristically quiet."

"Off. Now. Hate you. Kill you."

He burst out laughing, which did nothing for her temper. She strained mightily and managed to roll him off her. "I'm sorry, love, it's rude to laugh. But most women in your position would be fetal with shock, sobbing into the bedspread. All you can think about is how to get your teeth into me."

"And how you might taste," she added silkily.

"Umm...well, there are ways to answer that question..."

"Anything you put in my mouth, you're gonna lose."

He sighed. "I suppose it was too good to last. Pity we're only compatible in bed."

"Compatible in-you raped me, asswipe! Do you have any idea what my family is going to do to you? What I'm going to do to you?"

"I did rape you." He tweaked one of her nipples. "At first."

She blushed with shame. He saw it, and it moved him whereas her death threats did not. "No, you're right-I forced you. None of this was your idea. You're still tied up, for heaven's sake. You don't have anything to feel guilty about."

She was, absurdly, grateful for the lie. Not that she had any intention of showing it.

"I feel very guilty that I didn't break your neck in that alley when I had the chance now let me go!"

"Sorry, Jane. You had your chance to be free, and you chose to stay."

"I did not-"

"So stay you will, and just like this, until..."

"Oh, what, what? Christ, you're driving me crazy!"

"...until you agree to be my wife."

Long silence, broken by, "You're on drugs."

"Only if you are. Is that why your blood is so rich? God, it was like wine. I don't think I've ever felt better," he said giddily. "I had planned to fuck you and eat you and turn you out into the street in the wee hours of the morning without so much as an 'I'll call you', but now I'll never, never let you go. You're a rare jewel, Jane. An emerald, a ruby."

"I'm tied to the bed next to a crazy person," she mused aloud. Thinking, Never drank from a werewolf before, eh, buddy? Interesting. If you become addicted to me, that could be useful. "And as far as being your wife-you've probably heard this from all your other rape victims, but I'd rather be dead."