Legacy (Page 28)


I've never been a follower of astrological charts. Don't read my horoscope or follow lunar timetables to determine when to change the color of my hair or seek out new friends.

I didn't know the moon would be full.

Did Sandra? Is that why she wanted to see me tonight?

The book said the full moon, though a werewolf's reminder that he must change at least once a month, is not an edict. When I walk in, will I be met by an entirely different Sandra than the one I remember from Beso de la Muerte?

Do I care?

Not really.

I'm more concerned about how I'm going to handle being in Avery's house.

Unlike the gate at the front, the front door does not swing open at my approach. I press the bell with a hand that shakes in spite of my commanding it not to. I hear the chimes and, again, am transported back to the first time I found myself on Avery's doorstep.

Dread mixes with anticipation in a strange concoction of emotion that makes my stomach lurch at the same time my libido jumps into overdrive.

This is ridiculous.

Maybe I should turn around and go home. Let Sandra come to me. Meet on my turf. I haven't read that last chapter. Wait until I've read it. Wait until the goddamned full moon is past.

"Hello, Anna."

The melodious voice floats on the air, and for a moment, I look around stupidly thinking she must have snuck up behind me. Then reason returns and I remember the security camera over the door. I frown into the blinking lens.

"Are you going to let me in?"

She laughs. "Of course. I wanted to warn you first. I have a pet inside, and she tends to be protective. Be a good girl and you'll be perfectly safe."

What the fuck? A pet?

The door doesn't open. She's obviously waiting for me to agree not to attack her on sight. Why would I? She still doesn't get that I'm not going to fight her about Avery's estate. It's not lost on me, though, that in effect, she's threatening me. I've never suffered bullying well.

"Either you're going to let me in or I'm going home. Makes no difference to me. If I do come in, you might want to put a leash on that pet. You may have forgotten what I'm capable of. Avery made the same mistake."

There's a moment's silence, then the door opens.

Sandra stands in the doorway, backlit by the soft glow of a fireplace in the living room behind her. I get a flash of Avery in that same spot, inviting me in, a party in full swing behind him. I'm dizzy with conflicting emotions. I vowed never to come here again. The pain of finding David, of betrayal, of lost love sweeps over me with such force, it sends panic rioting through me.

As if reading what's in my head, Sandra lays a reassuring hand on my arm. "I understand it is difficult for you to be here. I promise to make it better. Please come in, Anna. We have much to discuss."

The touch of her hand, the touch of her voice reaching into my psyche brings me back with a jolt. Avery fades. The party fades. I'm back in the present staring into the eyes of a woman who seems able to read my soul.

But that's only the first shock.

When my senses return, and I look, really look, at Sandra, disbelief chases any other emotion right out of my head. She's wearing a red dress. A Badgley Mischka gown of silk cut low at the neck and slit high at the sides. The gown Avery gave me before our last meeting. The gown I threw in a wastebasket after I killed him.