Reckless Magic (Page 41)

“I’ll do my best,” I mumbled quickly, and then thought better of it. “I really do enjoy your class Mr. Lambert. English is one of my favorite subjects,” I threw on the charm, hoping to convince Mr. Lambert of what we both surely knew was a lie.

“Then pay attention,” he retorted sharply before gesturing his arm towards the door.

I turned quickly on my heel and hurried out the door, still determined to catch up with Kiran before Drama. Mrs. Woodsen had us memorizing dramatic prose in preparation for mid-terms and I wouldn’t have opportunity once we were inside the classroom doors,

“You are an enigma,” Kiran’s silky accent addressed me softly and my own version of a smirk rose to my lips. “A beautiful phenomenon I have yet to understand. Why can’t you leave poor Talbott alone? He works so hard to keep you at bay, and yet day after day you persist. I’m afraid he is exhausted.”

“Where is he?” I asked, afraid I had only seconds with Kiran, before Talbott appeared to whisk him away.

“I gave him the day off,” Kiran’s lips twisted into his smirk, sending butterflies fluttering about my stomach.

“You can’t do that,” I protested coyly, inwardly rejoicing.

“I can do whatever I want,” his eyes hardened, and I began to doubt we were talking about the same thing anymore.

“Where are you going?” I asked bluntly as Kiran began to descend the stairs towards the lobby instead of ascending them towards Drama.

“We are also taking the day off today,” I started to protest, but he beckoned me with a nod of the head and I obeyed.

“You’re going to get into trouble for this aren’t you?” I asked, catching up with him.

“Probably. But I imagine you will too,” I couldn’t argue with him there.

We left the English and Arts Building and I shuddered at the chilly wind. Although we’d had a mild autumn so far, the wind had turned cold and as we neared the end of October the temperatures were dropping. Kiran didn’t say anything but led me towards the back of campus and the student parking lot.

“I didn’t drive, so we’ll have to take your car,” he said matter-of-factly.

“I didn’t drive either,” I said, heart dropping into my stomach when I realized I rode with Avalon like every other morning since he moved in with us.

I heard Kiran curse under his breath and then eye the parking lot mischievously. For a moment I thought he was going to steal something, but he made no move towards any of the shiny black cars lining the parking lot. He cursed again and then looked around the campus. He stared at the Gymnasium for several minutes before seemingly making up his mind.

“What are the chances?” Kiran mumbled under his breath before he resumed walking.

“That we’re attacked there…. again?” I asked finishing his thought.

“With you Love, one never knows,” he slowed down his pace a little so that we walked evenly side by side. His fingers reached out and gently played with the tips of mine. He hadn’t taken my hand fully, but the gesture was so sweet and so endearing that it sent electricity buzzing around my veins; not to mention the magic mingling between our fingertips.

“I don’t think they were after me,” I instantly regretted my comment, afraid of exposing Avalon.

“I know that,” he replied simply. He led me past the Gymnasium and down the hill towards the football field and track. I wondered to myself if anyone used these facilities. I’d never been to a game here before. Maybe they were just for show.

“Lucky for you, I’m always there to save you,” I turned to give him a playful smile, but he returned my look with an intense gaze that nearly stunned me. His aqua blue eyes sparkled, hypnotizing me as if reading my soul.

“Why is that?” We stopped walking and he waited for my answer.

“I’m beginning to wonder that myself,” my breathing became shallow and I was afraid I had said too much. I tried to cover. “Maybe you’re the one that attracts trouble.”

“Maybe….” he said thoughtfully before we resumed walking. I cleared my throat nervously.

Despite our slow pace we eventually made it down to the gates leading into the stadium. Kiran tried the gate but it was locked. Once again I expected him to use magic, but instead he looked frustrated and I heard him curse again. I reached out my hand as if to just get on with it, but before I could use any magic, he reached out his own hand stopping me.

“They’ll know where we are,” Kiran said softly.

“If we use magic?” I asked, shocked. I hadn’t expected that.

“Yep,” he folded his arms and cocked his head to the side with a frustrated look on his face. I couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“What did you do, run away to be with me?” I smiled widely; pleased with the lengths he took to get us alone.

“Something like that,” he looked around, clearly frustrated with our lack of options.

“Well, I guess we’ll just have to do things the old fashioned way,” feeling brave, I tossed my book bag over the fence and began the long, awkward climb to the top. “No peeking,” I looked down at the amused face of Kiran, and held my uniform skirt close to my body, suddenly embarrassed.

“I’ll be the perfect gentleman,” he bowed his head a little and looked at the ground as if proving his point.

I did my best to climb the fence gracefully, but it was no use. The links were small, making the climb awkward and difficult. After finally making it to the top, I had to swing my leg over in a most un-lady-like fashion, flashing the entire world I was sure. My descent down was easier, but I cringed at the thought of having to make the climb again to leave.

Once I was safely on the ground and had fully entertained Kiran, he made the climb. Of course, he made it quickly and easily. Without even using magic he was to the other side in seconds. Once on the ground, he picked up my backpack and shouldered it.

“This thing is disgusting,” he grimaced.

“What?” I reached for it defensively, but he moved out of the way quickly. “I love that bag,” I pouted my bottom lip.

“Of course you do,” We began to walk aimlessly around the track, shoulders and fingers in constant contact.

“What does that mean?” I asked, afraid of the answer.

“It means that you’re different,” when I looked at him horrified, he explained further, “I mean you’re different than any girl I have ever met…. ever.”

“Thanks?” I didn’t know whether to be offended or flattered.

“I don’t expect they thought we would ever meet,” he said cryptically.

“What do you mean?” Who was “they?”

“I mean, I don’t think it was in the plans. Neither one of us was ever supposed to come here, and I can guarantee that we were never supposed to find each other,” his explanation didn’t clarify anything, I was more puzzled.

“And why is that?” I hoped for a clearer answer.

“Star-crossed Eden, we’re star-crossed,” he gave me a very sweet smile; unfortunately I returned it with bewilderment.

“Romeo and Juliet?” I asked, giving it one more go.

“Unfortunately,” he took his eyes off me to look down at the ground.

“Things didn’t end well for them.”

“Nope,” he shook his head and kicked at a rock, sending it flying across the red, running track.

I wondered at his reference to one of the greatest love stories of all times. Despite the unfortunate ending he alluded to, I couldn’t help but dwell on the fact that the story was all about unfailing love. I glanced over at him again, but he stared intently at the ground as if working something out in his head.

“Are you going to the Festival?” I asked carefully, although I already knew the answer.

“How do you know about the Festival?” He countered my question, amused once again.

“Everybody’s talking about it,” I tried to cover, realizing I shouldn’t know about the Festival. “I’m just curious, since everything is so new to me.”

“Yes, I’m going. I don’t have much of a choice. I’ll only be gone a week or so though,” he finished his thought as if to assure me.

“Where is it? What is it?” I pried further, truly curious.

“The Festival? Basically the middle of Romania. In Transylvania; it’s near a city called Sibiu. It’s a three day long feast where we celebrate the dead,” Kiran talked about it with small tones of disgust and my hopes were raised.

“Wait. It’s a celebration?” I asked, confused again.

“Yeah, for like all of the Immortals who have died. Everyone comes from all over the world and we have this huge feast and remember the dead, or I guess during that weekend we call them the saints,” he stopped walking near the bleachers and took a seat on the stairs leading towards the metal benches. He dropped my bag at our feet.

“Oh. But what about the trial?” A look of confusion passed over his face and I was suddenly nervous.

“How do you know about that?” Suspicion clear in his voice.

“Lilly was my closest friend before she disappeared,” I spat out with more venom than I had meant to.

“Lilly Mason is a liar, a manipulator and a Shape-Shifter,” Kiran said with disbelief at my outburst.

“She fought to save your life,” I accused.

“She lied to everyone, including you,” he accused right back.

“She never lied to me! And she sacrificed everything when she decided to fight for you,” I threw the facts at him again.

“Fine. But when she did that she also chose to face the consequences. There’s nothing I can do about it now, she’s at the mercy of the law,” he calmed down a little. The initial shock of my outburst dulled.

“I’m sorry, the law? Who’s law? It’s not right, and I demand that she receive a fair trial,” I folded my arms stubbornly.

“Who’s law? Only the law that you and her and every other Immortal are bound to,” suddenly he was very angry. “I’m sorry you’re new to this Eden, but you of all people need to obey the law to the very letter. Do you even understand the consequences for an offense like Lilly’s?” I could tell that he was as livid as me, but I refused to give up.

“Of course I understand. Obey the law or face the death squad,” I replied bitterly.

“That’s exactly what it would be like for you. But don’t be ridiculous, they are not going to execute Lilly. They just want to make an example of her,” his voice was still laced with anger.

“That’s not fair. She helped save your life. She should be like rewarded or knighted or something else as ridiculous! Not be punished because of what your awful and outdated law says!”

“Listen, I am very grateful that she was there that night, but the law is the law, outdated or not,” he quieted his voice, but hardened his tone.

“Then testify for her!” I said exasperatedly.

“I can’t do that,” Kiran replied stubbornly.