The Hero (Page 40)

Author: Robyn Carr

* * *

There were only two more football games left in the season and the Thunder Point team was going to regionals. It was an outstanding team; Spencer was very proud of them. But on this overcast late October Sunday afternoon he stood on the beach with Cooper and Devon. They were looking not at the bay but up at the hillside. Cooper’s house was framed already—no doubt because Cooper was relentless and wanted that house done enough to move into before his new baby was born.

Cooper pointed at the hillside, designating lots as he had divided them. “I’ll show you the plot map, but understandably we have the lot next to the bar. There are twelve more single family sites available. I’m leaving a large piece of land between the last home site and the edge of town—I won’t sell it. It’s a nice buffer zone. Now how big a hurry are you in?”

Spencer dropped an arm around Devon’s shoulders. She now wore a shiny diamond engagement ring, and it really hadn’t taken that much convincing. “We’re not as desperate as you and Sarah are, obviously. We have plenty of space for now. My house in San Antonio closed and there’s no lease on the house I’m in, as you no doubt know. Devon has four more months on her lease, but we can always work with that. Another month or two, she’ll be ready to move in with me.”

“But when’s the wedding?” Cooper asked.

“We’re still talking about that,” Devon said. “There’s no hurry. I’m still giving interviews to the FBI and I really want us to have some time to adjust. And maybe get married when we both feel we’ve recovered from some of the challenges of the past few years.”

He squeezed her tighter. “I’m ready right now,” Spencer said. “And I’m ready to build her a house by the sea. Right here. It appears we’re going to have some excellent neighbors.”