Unexpectedly Yours (Page 14)

“I work for it,” I pause. “Well…I used to, before—” I stop, remembering almost too late that she doesn’t know about my rock-star life. That’s the reason people fawn all over me, the fame and the status and the money.

Except she doesn’t know anything, and she’s still here, smiling at me like I’m the only man in the world.

Just for me.

I take a breath, feeling drunk even though I’ve only had a couple of gulps.

“Why are we talking about me, anyway?” I change the subject. “I’m way more interested in you.”

I slide my hand softly up her calf. Sophie slowly meets my eyes, flushing a sexy pink in her cheeks.

I gently stroke her knee. She swallows, shifting in her seat.

“What about me?”

“Everything,” I say, and for once in my life, it’s not a line. I want to know what makes this woman tick, this gorgeous, unpredictable mess of contradictions.

“There’s not much to tell,” she replies.

I chuckle. “I doubt that very much, darlin’.”

My hand slides higher, teasing little circles on the inside of her thigh. Sophie’s eyes turn glazed. She bites her lip, and dammit, I can’t hold on any longer. I need to taste that sweet mouth again.

I tug gently on her ankles, so that her body slides down the couch, almost horizontal. I lean over, lowing myself against her until her slim body is covered with mine.

Her eyes flare, surprised and nervous, and then I find her lips, and everything makes sense in the world.

Hell yeah.

I kiss her thoroughly, taking my time. Slow and deep, feeing her body melt against me. Her hands reach up to run through my hair, her legs part, cradling me between her thighs. The kiss deepens, blazing hotter, stronger, until we’re both gasping and my blood pumps a furious rhythm in my ears.

Take her.

I pull away, and I’m rewarded with a whimper of protest from Sophie. She’s looking rumpled, her eyes glazed, her lips so juicy and ripe. “Where are you going?” she breathes, reaching to take a handful of my shirt. “That was just getting good.”

I smile. “Just?” I tease her. Then I slip my arms under her body, swing my legs off the couch, and get to my feet, lifting her in my arms. “Trust me, sweetheart, I’m only getting started.”

I carry her to the bedroom in a few short strides, and place her down on the bed. She gazes up at me, and the expression in her eyes makes my blood sing.

Breathless. Wanton.


With a groan, I dive in and capture her mouth again, quickly ripping off my shirt. I slide the sleeves of her dress down over her shoulders and find myself staring at the most perfect pair of breasts God and nature ever created: round and smooth, her tight nipples straining against a frothy little pink lace bra that makes my heart stop and my cock ache for her touch.

“You’re so beautiful,” I breathe, running my fingertips softly over her silken skin. It’s not enough, so I dip my head and follow my hand’s path with kisses, softly licking and sucking through the lace.

Sophie catches her breath. “I bet you say that to all the girls,” she replies, but her voice is strangled and pitched with desire.

I pause, guilt gnawing at the edge of my desire. “Yes,” I admit, looking her straight in the eye. “But I mean it with you.”

She looks back at me, and a weird expression comes over her face. She looks nervous for a moment, and I can see her brain ticking over, so I soothe her with another trail of butterfly kisses, whispering down the pale column of her throat until she’s molten and gasping in my arms again.

I ease her further back on the bed, kissing my way down her body, peeling her dress lower as I go.

She tenses. “Where are you going?” she asks, sounding worried.

“To check out the good stuff,” I grin against her stomach, swirling my tongue in the dip of her belly button. Sophie shivers against me.

“But…” she pauses.

I lift my head, waiting. “If I’m moving too fast for you, sugar, just say. I could happily spend a couple hours just worshiping those delicious breasts of yours,” I add, reaching up to stroke and pluck softly at her nipple. “But I’m guessing you’ll enjoy what else I have planned.”

She inhales in a whoosh. “What kind of plans?”

I can see her mind is still tangled up in knots. I rise up on my elbow, and gently kiss her lips. “Filthy, wicked, sexy things,” I whisper in her ear, trailing one hand lower, down under her dress. Sophie gazes back at me, the nerves in her eyes now melting into desire.

“Be more specific,” she tells me, her lips tugging into a grin.

“Hmmm…” I slide my hand lower, tracing over the waistband of her panties. Sophie gasps. “Well, first I want to touch you…”

I trace down between her thighs. Her hips rise up to meet my hand, and I clench my jaw to feel the damp softness waiting beneath the thin layer of silk.

Goddamn it, she’s already wet. Slick and ready for me, begging for more.

“I hate to get academic,” Sophie whispers, her breathing getting heavier. “But you’re technically not touching me yet.”

“Good point.”

In one swift move, I shove her panties aside, and stroke up against her, skin to skin.

She moans, her head falling back, her eyes squeezing shut.

Dear God, I could watch this woman come undone forever.

“Better?” I whisper, still kissing and nuzzling at her neck. I stroke again, slowly, circling her slick nub.