Unexpectedly Yours (Page 17)

“There,” I gasp, as his wicked fingers find my slick core. “I want you there.”

Austin slides one finger inside me.

God, I arch up against his hand. My blood is thick with desire, glittering with tension. He rocks his hand against me, sending his finger deeper as his palm presses against my clit. “Louder,” he orders me, and I moan again. I can hear my voice echoing in the empty hotel room, needy and wanton. I should be embarrassed, but instead, the sound turns me on even more. My body shimmers with pleasure. I’m letting go, of bad memories, of my last reserves of self-control. All that matters is the man right here with me, his hands on my body and his voice urging in my ear.

“Wait,” I gasp, feeling my body tighten, already climbing to the edge. “I want to touch you, too.”

“Whatever the lady wants.” I can hear the chuckle in Austin’s voice as he shifts onto his side. Now, I have full reign to slide my hands over his naked chest, savoring the rigid planes of muscle, and the curve of his biceps. I lean in, and give his shoulder an exploratory kiss. His skin is warm, and I kiss again, flicking my tongue against the hollow of his neck. Austin lets out a groan.

I smile, sliding my hands lower as I kiss down his chest. Matt was always uncomfortable with me touching him. After the first few failures in the bedroom, he got so intense about the whole thing. I wanted to turn him on, make him feel good, but the more stressed he got, the more it felt like I was pawing at him, trying to get a reaction.

But Austin is happy to let me explore his body, a glorious inch at a time. I kiss across his chest, teasing at one nipple with my tongue. I feel his body flinch, so I suck lightly, then graze my teeth.

I feel him grow harder against my thigh. His fist tightens in my hair, so I turn my attention to his other nipple, nipping at it lightly. Power spirals through me, the thrilling taste of discovery. Suddenly, Austin grabs my waist and rolls us, pressing me into the soft covers with a growl.

I catch my breath, my heart racing in my chest as he slides down my body, his breath hot on my breasts as he licks my nipples into tender peaks. His tongue trails lower, over my stomach, moving with determined power until he buries his face between my thighs.

This time, there’s no holding back. I cry out in pleasure as his tongue swoops, hot against me, gripping at the covers and lifting my hips off the bed to meet his greedy mouth.

“Yes,” I gasp, dizzy with pleasure. He laps against me, swirling and suckling at my clit, as I whimper for more. I’m coming apart under his expert tongue, desire clawing deep inside as I soar higher, higher—

He slides two fingers inside me and curls up. I come with a cry, a ripple of sweet pleasure convulsing through me in waves.

I collapse back, reeling. Austin lifts his head with a smirk. “That was just the opening act, sweetheart,” he drawls.

I laugh, giddy. “I’d make some crack about your ego right now, but I feel too damn good to try.”

“I could tell.” He crawls back up beside me and reaches to brush a damp strand of hair from my face. “I like it when you’re loud,” he murmurs, leaning in close with a lustful look blazing in his eyes.

I shiver. My climax was only a brief release; the need in me is still coiled tight, wanting him. Now. “I can work with that,” I whisper, already reaching for him. I only skimmed his body before; now I reach for the zipper on his jeans, impatient for more. I peel open his fly, then Austin takes over, swiftly stripping off his pants and underwear.


Now I’m the one devouring him with my gaze, but I can’t help it. This man is chiseled from marble, a perfect physical form. He pauses to grab a foil square from the nightstand, then joins me again on the bed: pressing his body to my side, chest to chest, skin on skin.

My pulse kicks. This is it. With Matt, we would always just rush ahead, trying to get into the main event while he was still in the mood, but Austin is the opposite of rushed. He strokes my body, dropping kisses on my bare skin and breasts, taking his time.

But I don’t want to wait. The ache in me is demanding, wanting every inch of him filling me up. I lift his face and kiss his mouth hungrily, pouring my excitement and desire into every moment. There’s an urgency I’ve never felt before glittering in my veins; not anxious, or insecure, just a pure, primal need.

It’s liberating, to want someone like this. To lose myself in Austin’s touch, his mouth, the slide of his body against mine.

I reach between us, closing my hand around his hot, solid length. He groans against my neck as I slowly stroke harder, exploring every steely inch. The anticipation is incredible, I’m already wet and aching imagining him sliding into me.

“Now,” I whisper, shocked at my own insistence. “God, I need you inside me now.”

Austin pulls away long enough to slide on the condom, and then he’s back against me, bracing his body above mine. I gaze up at him, trying to imprint the sight of his face in my memory. The intensity in his stare, the way he’s looking at me like I’m all he wants in the world.

When he thrusts into me, I lose my mind.

Sweet friction stretching me open, a delicious fullness, deep inside. I arch up, needing him closer. More. Harder. Now.

Austin withdraws, then plunges back again, deeper than ever. I cry out, thrusting back to meet him. Our bodies find each other, a gasping rhythm, skin on skin. I’m already hurtling to the edge, too soon, but I want to savor every moment. I cling to him tightly, and as if sensing my need Austin rolls us, bringing me down against his lap so I’m straddling him, legs wrapped around his waist.