Wolfsbane (Page 4)

Chapter Two

Brett sighed and let his head fall back against the wall in frustration. He’d been so close to getting Evan where he wanted him. If he could have gotten him to remove his blindfold, even for a minute, he might not have had to go through with this elaborate game. He could possibly have seduced him into untying him, and then he could have escaped with him. He had just enough play in the chains to pull his pants back up over his hips, and then he sank back, too wiped out to bother fastening them at the moment.

He cursed himself for trying to push the young man too hard. Evan seemed a little frightened of Brett whenever he allowed himself to think about what he was doing instead of just reacting. Brett had to remember to take things slow. He was too close to having what he wanted to blow this thing now. Brett’s ears pricked as he heard the key turn in the lock again and the slight noise made by the door as the hinges squeaked open. He raised his nose in the air and sniffed as the pungent odor of his mate hit him. Evan was back.He’d hoped he wouldn’t be able to stay away long. He forced himself to be as still and non-threatening as he possibly could.

Soft footsteps approached him slowly, and he sensed Evan’s nearness. He remained absolutely unmoving, not wanting to scare his skittish mate. Finally he felt the heat radiating slightly from his warm body as Evan sank to his knees beside him, and a tentative voice spoke next to him.

“I’m back. I’m sorry I ran out of here like that, but I got a little freaked out.” He took a deep breath.“Listen, I never should have taken advantage of you like that. It was totally my fault and I’m sorry.”

Brett took a deep breath, almost afraid to speak and chase him away again. Instead he remained silent, allowing Evan to say whatever he needed to say.

“I don’t know what came over me to treat you like that—to do that to you when you were tied and helpless.”

Brett shook his head and spoke up quietly.“Don’t be sorry. You only thought to bring me comfort.I wanted it too.”

“How did you know my name?”

Brett hesitated a moment, thinking of the most non-threatening way he could claim to have learned his name.Even if it meant being untruthful, he couldn’t afford to have Evan panic and rush out again. Time was running out. He pushed his shoulders up slightly in a shrug and lied.“I asked the other guard who you were.”

“You did?” Brett could hear the surprise and skepticism in his voice, but Brett kept his face stoic, revealing nothing.“I didn’t know he came in here to talk to you.”

Was that a hint of jealousy Brettdetected in Evan’s tone? A thrill ran through him at the idea and he decided to test the theory a little

“Yes,” he said quietly. “He came in yesterday and took off these cuffs from my ankles so I could stretch out my legs. I’ve had such bad cramps—he massaged my legsfor me.”

“Henderson did that?” Evan’s tone was sharp. Brettcouldn’t see him, but he’d bet he had a deep frown on his face. He could plainly hear the displeasure in his voice.

“Yes. He told me he’d take my blindfold off later on today, just for a few minutes.” He sighed a little.“I guess I can wait until he gets here, since it makes you uncomfortable.”

Right away, he felt Evan’s hands at the back of his head, untying and pulling off the blindfold. He blinked a few moments even though the light was dim, and then he was gazing directly into a pair of the most beautiful blue eyes he’d ever seen. Of course, he’d admired Evan from a distance—even from a few feet away once when he’d been at the guard desk as he was brought by on the way to his cell.He’d never been this close, however, and Evan’s beauty almost took his breath away.

He was young, and his skin still had a dewy freshness. His hair shone almost platinum blond, and those cornflower blue eyes—they were now regarding Brett solemnly. Brett wondered what he was thinking. He tried to focus enough to smile at him.“Thank you.”

Evan looked down, fiddling with a piece of lint on his pants. His breath was coming more rapidly.“Would you tell me your name?”

“It’s Brett,” he replied softly.

“Brett...” The sound of his name on Evan’s lips suddenly made Brett’s crotch tighten. “Do you...do you know what they have planned for you?”

“Yes,” Brett said quietly.“They’re going to torture me again.” He shrugged.“It’s what they do here.”

Evan shot his gaze up in shock.“I’m so sorry. That’s...that’s...”

Brett gazed steadily back at him.“Does it bother you, little Hunter? I thought you Hunters hated all wolves.”

Evan jumped to his feet and paced back and forth across the small room.“No, I hate this cruelty.I don’t want you hurt like this!” He ran his hands through his hair, looking frantic.“God, I don’t know what to do.”

“You could let me go.”

Brett had spoken very quietly, but the words fell like a bomb in the quiet room. Evan stopped in mid-stride and stared at him, his jaw dropping open.“No...no, I can’t do that. I can’t just let you go. Besides you’d never get out of here alive. They have armed security upstairs. No, it’s not possible.”

“Evan, if you help me, I can get out of here. Let me handle the details.All you’d have to do is get me out of these chains, and I’d make it look like I overpowered you so you wouldn’t get in trouble. Please help me, Evan.”

Brett actually felt sorry for Evan as he watched him struggle with himself. He was so torn between wanting to please him on the one hand and do what he thought was the right thing and keep his oath to the Hunters on the other.

“I know you swore an oath to obey the commands of the Hunter officers, but an unlawful order should be disobeyed, Evan. They should never ask you to violate your own moral code—to be an accomplice to their war crimes.”

“We’re not at war.”

Brett smiled.“Aren’t we? Sure feels like it.”

Evan flinched and lifted confused eyes to gaze into Brett’s. His jaw tightened and he seemed to come to some kind of decision. Brett prayed it would be the right one. His next words dashed his hopes though.

“I can’t let you go.I’m sorry. But I will help you—I promise.” He turned and this time ran from the room and Brett smiled to himself. His man had some backbone. He wondered how long it would take him to do what he was counting on him doing. Probably better to stick with the plan anyway. Brettdidn’t think he had much longer to wait.

Evan had no idea, really, what he’d gotten himself into when he’d first accepted a friend’s invitation a few months ago to come to a Hunter’s assembly. He’d been horrified and fascinated right away at the notion that such creatures as werewolves actually existed outside of horror movies. Not just existed, but thrived in large communities the Hunters called the Dark Hollow Clans throughout the southern Blue Ridge mountains. Once he found out the truth, he was hooked.

To be honest , he’d been desperate to make a complete change in his life. After breaking up with Eric, a man he’d lived with for over a year, he needed to get completely away from his old life and the apartment they’d shared together. He’d been totally blindsided by Eric’s betrayal, but he’d suffered through the black seaof depression he’d had a hard time swimming out of. Without realizing it, he had ordered his whole life around Eric, and his loss made him feel as if he were floundering. It took a while, but once he managed to pull himself out, he’d left everything and everyone he’d known behind and had thrown himself into this new life. That was one reason he was so desperate to make a success of it.He couldn’t stand to fail again.

If the wolfman —Brett—continued to try to talk him into letting him go, he didn’t think he’d be strong enough to keep turning him down. Brett was gorgeous and compelling, and most of all, he was right.They’d probably wind up torturing and killing him in the end. Evan could at least put an end to this daily torture. He’d figure the rest out later. Evan realized he’d never been so attracted to anyone before in his life, surprisingly not even Eric.

He’d contacted the doctor first thing the morning following his last confrontation with the wolf, telling him he’d go through right away with the planned experiment.

The doctor in charge of the experiment was Dr. Cornsilk. A tall, dark haired man in his midthirties, he gave Evan a sympathetic look as he led him into the bedroom he’d set up for the experiment.

“Now if anything were to happen, there’s a panic button in here, by the side of the bed. Anything too extreme, you understand, or if you’re frightened for any reason. Push that and the guards will be in here immediately.”

“Okay.” Evan’s voice sounded nervous even to his own ears.

He’d thought it would take a couple of days to make preparations, but the doctor had surprised him by asking him to come in for a briefing immediately.

Evan glanced nervously at the big, king sized bed.“Will we—will he—get started right away,then?”

“Oh yes, I think so. He’s been in captivity for a few days, and these creatures are quite insatiable sexually.”

“But what makes you think he’ll give me a mating bite? What if he doesn’t like me that way?”

The doctor looked him up and down and smiled slightly. “Of course we don’t understand exactly how they make their choices for mates yet, but we’ll cross that bridge if and when we come to it.You’re a very nice looking young man. I think nature will take its course.”

He patted Evan on the back when he blushed.“Don’t worry. You’ll have complete privacy with him. This room is even soundproofed, thus the need for the panic button. We don’t think he’ll try to hurt you in any way, but stand near the panic button when he comes in, just in case. This room is absolutely escape-proof too, so you need have no worries on that score. For the next two to three days, you’ll be mostly alone with him, though I will be in to check you from time to time and bring the wolf food.From what we understand, he’ll provide you with all the nourishment you’ll need for the next few days.”